this is another letter of complaint from my website of (homo)sexual assault that is
"When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna
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dear sir or vagina:

the mental images (yes, i've seen more than a couple) of miley cyrus, tongue out and pointed to the side, just makes me feel like the maitre'd in "ferris bueller's day off" enough to say "i weep for the future".

first of all, miley cyrus is obviously mocking retarded people by doing what she does (some would say "best"). i haven't heard any of this vagina's songs, i've just seen clips on television of the vagina onstage and engaging in mockery of retards. retards are not people to mock. fine, i will admit that when i was being kept against my will at a brain-injury rehab facility called "21st century living services" in gallatin (tennessee), i called the patients "retards" - and i still do when i write about the place and about loney hutchins and his vagina named joan hutchins. i was looking for something to do, i liked nashville, i was "traumatically brain-injured" seven years beforehand, so once i got to nashville and liked the area (due to the "world's largest adult bookstore"), i asked my dad to find a rehab place so i could stay in nashville and actually have something to do. i got to the "retard home," which is my nickname for "21st century living services," and loney hutchins had me sign a contract so that i would not be able to leave for 6 months. what kind of "rehab" facility does that? "you vill get this rehab, and you vill LIKE it".

the "rehab" home was not "rehab" but an adult day-care center. i was 23 years old, i had to give up my car because i'm sure he didn't want me to be able to drive away, i spent every day with mentally-incompetent people who must've been 50-70 years old. i have so much spite for the place, that i actually CELEBRATED when i heard that a fire at the place killed a patient. i celebrated like the psychotic muslims did on 9/11/01, rejoicing in death. i'm not proud of myself for admitting that i was as sick in the head as muslims are, but this is the spite i have for loney hutchins and the vagina joan hutchins, their vagina-daughter joanna hutchins, john birdwell, and the gallatin police department (who basically ignored my cries for help when i told them that 21st century living services was holding me hostage).

i have a right to mock the brain-damaged retards at the brain-injury home, but let me get back to miley cyrus' mockery of retards.

i have no interest or desire to even listen to music by miley cyrus, and i can't see how anybody could get a look at this goon and have any interest at all. she is the quintessential "adult child," she's not a very mature vagina because her level of talent is on display each time she sticks her tongue out to the side as if she doesn't know of anything else to do for her performances. i used to do that in 8th grade with my friends, and this is what justifies talent nowadays?!

she's not a 2 year-old, she's not 13 year-old. i don't care how old she is, but i know she's over 20. she's not a very good performer if she acts like a three year-old onstage. is she trying to be madonna, trying to disrespect or shock people with her performance? madonna has done quite a few immature things, but nothing nearly as immature as what miley cyrus does. regarding the 1990 "blond ambition" tour, madonna said "i'm not changing my show, that would be compromising my artistic integrity," and at least madonna took her performances seriously. madonna was never a goon onstage, i'm sure she had too much pride in her performances to ad-lib with her stupid "i don't know what i'm doing" tongue sticking out to the side, but miley cyrus is much the epitome of talentless.

it is obvious that miley cyrus doesn't take her performances seriously, i've seen that clueless, "i don't know what i'm doing" retard-tongue sticking out of her mouth more than a couple of times. that retard-tongue speaks the facts that she doesn't care about the quality of her performance, that she doesn't care about who she's performing for, and that she has no respect for herself as a performer. miley cyrus needs to grow up, she is an obnoxious poser with no talent - she's like the "madonna wannabees" of 1985, i remember them on mtv with their rubber wristbands and navels exposed.

mr. dylan terreri, i
dr. sheldon cooper, ii
"When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna

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