the "one piece at a time" founder was anti-gay --> <-- see the nickname she gave me when we were young

Stop using my name on the internet. You are sick. I don't have a brother. If you want to live your life miserable with hatred in your soul, go for it, but don't drag me into your personal hell. Forget you knew me and never use my name in any of your disgusting monologs ever again. I have worked too hard in my life, for too many hours, to have my reputation marred by a hate-filled person who can destroy people's lives in a five minute session on a computer in a room all alone. Leave me and my name alone and out of your vulgar insignificant blurbs. And leave everyone else out of them too. No one wants to be mentioned in your disgraceful musings.

hello, my name is dylan terreri, i. i like to regard myself as james o'keefe, ii.

o'keefe, the second, here - ready to report on corrupt leaders.

the MEAN-SPIRITED and VERY JUDGMENTAL note above is a note i got from a girl who founded a group of do-gooders owho are out to remove litter from the earth. i've seen online how she capitalizes the word "earth," i'm sure she capitalizes "gay," as well. i guess her group is based somewhere near long beach, california, and i guess the vagina is mad at me for - she says using her name in my disgusting "monologs". are we really going there again? a policevagina in johnstown had just brought me to court for making a facebook-account using "her" name and for using the account to post offensive comments to websites. kevin smith got a life-sentence for murder and rape. oh, not the kevin smith of "clerks" and of view askew productions, but someone else with the same name. do you see where i'm going?

my name is not laurel or hardy, i don't lie about anyone i write about, i may make assumptions, but i don't lie. i didn't even write anything about the one who wrote the nasty email - i just gave her credit as the inspiration behind my domain "," which is a movement to clean-up gays' and feminists' gender-identities. i assume her complaints are regarding "," because my dad emailed soon after and asked me to remove the site as a favor to him.

well, i will not tolerate hate-mail, especially by a little environmentalist-vagina living in california who voted for the nigger everyone lost respect for. "never use my name in any of your disgusting monologs ever again". isn't your brain capable of spell-check? i may make spelling mistakes, being 10 or 15 feet away from my hdtv computer-monitor, but since "monologs" is a phonetic representation of "monologues," i'd assume that it wasn't a typo and was as much of a stupid mistake as her sense of gender-identity is. she brags on one of her "crowdrise" pages about how she "found my dream job and my dream girl," which actually brags about not her not having enough feminine esteem to BE her "dream girl". stupid vagina.

anyone running a public-campaign to do a beach clean-up, two pieces or just one piece at a time, is what they call a "public figure". anyone running such a campaign, complete with a public facebook-page mentioning donation-givers/ food-deliverymen/tent-fixers, is in no way leading a private life and in no way should assume that the clean-up cause is not subject to mockery, criticism...and plenty of disrespect. stupid vagina, i didn't even say anything about you. and you're going to damage your cause if you're so unprofessionally disrespectful in your emails. i AM james o'keefe.

stupid vagina.

dylan terreri, i

the "one piece at a time" founder was anti-gay

see the nickname she gave me when we were young
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