this is another letter of complaint from my website of (homo)sexual assault that is
"When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna
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dear sir or vagina:

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quote of the day: "i misuse quotation marks because i do not use capital letters"

i don't believe that my name, dylan terreri, is my own property. in fact, i know that it isn't. i don't believe that josh lane's name is copyrighted, though if the "josh lane" i went to school with was the only one having that name, well, i'd have had an easier time finding him online. not that i have the guts to say "hi," or even to think that such a perfect specimen of manhood would want to correspond with me.

i know that the name "stephen king" is not exclusive, i know that there are plenty of men named "stephen king" around. likewise, there are plenty of men named "charles king" who didn't live in kingwood township and become president of the thespian society at delaware valley regional high school. furthermore, i know that names can't be copyrighted. that even goes for middle initials. "dylan j. terreri" is not personal property, the same goes for "joshua p. lane" and even "louise v. ciccone". not even "prince r. nelson" or "george a. giffords" or "carmella o. yaris" or "gabby l. pazavich" or "abby b. lazavich," either.

living in pennsylvania, i am especially offended that i have been put through so much worry regarding my online-posting which stated that a specific member of the lesser gender who works in a local police department looks like a transvestite. even if names were personal property, nobody could force anyone not to state an opinion (and post it online) about one specific girl-officer whose picture on a website made her look like a policeman. it doesn't matter if the little vagina is from indiana, pennsylvania, or any other state - i believe that little kids should not be looking up to any little female who tries to look like a man. i believe that any role-model for children should not suffer from gender-identity issues and therefore should leave no question on anyone's brain regarding their gender. furthermore, simply because a member of the shorter/smaller/weaker gender looks like a man, that doesn't mean she has masculine abilities.

now...opinions may not be factual, but there is nothing wrong with my stating that alanis morissette is fat. i'm not crossing legal-boundaries by stating the opinions that 1) cc babcock looks like a man, 2) barack obama is a stupid niglet who got into college because of programs like "affirmative action," or c) the green valley veterinary hospital in new brighton would still be a mark of sexism if 13 vaginas and 0 men are still employed there.

as opinions aren't always factual, names do not have to signify one specific person. if one searches for "mike smith" on facebook, i'm sure that one "mike smith" would have no grounds to take legal action against another one, even if that other "mike smith" was really named "dylan terreri". this is because names are not personal property. if i were to post an offensive essay regarding the lesser gender being the shorter/smaller/weaker gender, i should be able to post it as "mike smith," complete with a picture of myself, and not have policemen be sent to talk to me about crimes like "identity theft" that i may be committing against "mike smith". if my screenname on facebook was "maureen mcelhinny" or "kirstin burton-hall," complete with no picture of anyone who is named "maureen mcelhinny" or "kirstin burton-hall," then whose specific identity would i be stealing? what if i wrote that i had been a fan of "the police" ever since "synchronicity" was released - ever since i was a young boy living near cranberry (cranbury?) new jersey - would i be stealing the identity of any "paul gladstone" or any "kevin meyer" if the same could be written about them? my point is that, because facebook is full of people with identical names and/or identical interests, why should police be sent to my house simply because my facebook name is identical to another person's name? why should police be sent to my house simply because i stated an opinion about the appearance of one of their officers?

if i am "alani s. morissette" on facebook, i have a right to be alani. facebook has a right to delete me, but getting in trouble because a complaint was filed by alanis morissette in regards to my facebook-name being her name?

in the immortal words of maculay culkin, "iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii don't think so".

mr. dylan terreri, i
dr. sheldon cooper, ii
"When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna

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