this is another letter of complaint from my website of (homo)sexual assault that is
"When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna
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dear sir or vagina:

"mad as hell" at bill o'reilly and fox news:

the reason i do not listen to talk-radio anymore, the reason i run a website called "," the reason they had the fbi investigate me for making an "electduanerape" website this summer is because of pinheads like bill o'reilly and everyone else who regards white men as "guys" and only saves the word "men" for the negro or for the masculivoid (a masculivoid is a "man" who is quick to affirm that he's a real man, mind and body and soul, while he's oh-so lonely for the presence of a man in his life. oh, how the masculivoid loves to inspect every naked inch of righteous men. the old "opposites attract" justification has never been clearer when you really get to know gay "men").

the word "men" is reserved for a select (insufficient) few, while every member of the lesser gender is referred to not as "girl," not as "vag," not even as "womb"...but as "woman". bill o'reilly gives so much respectful lip-service to members of the lesser gender, whether the vag is good or bad - whether the vag killed her baby or failed miserably while trying to emulate mens' ability to kick a football - whether the vag filed a phony rape-charge because she's contemptuous of both men and mens' superiority over the shorter/smaller/weaker (egg-bleeding and milk-spouting) design of femininity. it's crazy that everybody gives so much unwarranted respect to the shorter/smaller/weaker gender. question: when was the last time you heard the word "woman" not being preceded by the word "strong" - answer: when it's preceded by "violence against".

you can't have it both ways, little ones, you're either strong women or helpless victims.

i am "mad as hell" and am so tempted to rape every member of the little gender who calls me "guy," because the buzzword "Strongwoman" is an oxymoron just as much as the term "gay man" is. any legitimate man does not take pride in being clueless in the face of his own gender, and any strong person doesn't need pink little barbells in their pink little fitness-centers to justify themselves as strong. step out of your curves fitness-centers, ladies, and realize you're being fed a lie.

i am "mad as hell" at the vag who tells herself that she is strong. women cannot defend themselves against men, they cannot compare to men, they can't compete against men but rely on gender-based physical competitions to excel (from the olympics to the "coney island hot dog eating competition"). i would not be "mad as hell" if the vaginas would just accept their meager existences as lesser, but they are slighting men when they use as androgynous a word as "guys" is when they are referring to nen. this is because they are always using "woman" or "strong woman" to refer to the little ones of the world. it's insane that they don't even accept the two words which "women" derives from - womb and men. much like eve, the vaginas of today are going to ruin the world we live in - they've already started to - the effectiveness of the military has been long-compromised with lesser physical-requirements given to members of the lackluster gender. should national security really be compromised for the sake of political correctness and for the sake of the overcompensating misrepresentation ("a woman can do anything a man can do") that is done just to appease the frail ego of any "strong" woman?

i am "mad as hell" because vaginas are lesser people who bill o'reilly treats like they deserve more respect than the members of the greater gender. shorter/smaller/weaker, egg-bleeding/milk-spouting, not as hungry and not as horny - everything about them is lesser - a vagina simply cannot do anything a man can do, yet bill o'reilly and everyone else kowtows to them by showing them respect and by referring to them as "women" while referring to men with just an androgynous "guys".

vaginas need to realize their inferiority, it is time for men to realize this. why do you think i started the campaign at "" - it's no wonder why so many men are rapists. i was just watching o'reilly today - a story about a negro being acquitted of rape. personally, i don't think blacks rape the "strong" women for the right reasons - i don't really think that any monkey is smart enough to realize the importance of anything but bananas and self-pleasure. wasn't there a horror movie filled with violence that was called "monkey shines," even? i mean, blacks are worse people than whites are, justified by the populations of jail-cells, yet bill o'reilly refers to the negro with the respectful word "man"...rather than with the androgynous and masculinity-compromisiing term that is "guys". nobody wants to realize masculinity unless it's somewhat compromised.

i am "mad as hell," and i am so close to dumping the close relationship that my penis has had with the image of bill o'reilly.

dylan terreri, i
"When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna

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