this is another letter of complaint from my website of (homo)sexual assault that is
"When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna
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dear sir or vagina:

i would like to tell you about my brand of performance-art, on display at, but seen live in various places-of-business around cranberry township (pennsylvania) throughout the year.

my name is dylan terreri, i - i have recently started to go by "james o'keefe, ii" because i have come to the realization that, like o'okeefe, i am what is considered to be a "whistleblower". james records his staged encounters with public figures, while i write about my staged performances which are designed to bring out peoples' bigotry. sometimes i go into stores while dressed in clothing meant for members of the lackluster gender, sometimes i wear loose-fitting mens' tank-tops and parade around stores with my hands on my head. yes, i wish i had more body-hair than just armpit-hair, i'd offend a lot more vaginas who seem to have such an animosity towards the hair-enabling and strength-enabling hormone known as testosterone. it's no wonder that the little females hate testosterone and want proof of it shaved off of mens' bodies - testosterone is what makes men superior to vaginas. testosterone has got a lot to do with the reason for gender-based sports-teams and gender-based military-requirements well as the reason why vaginas are not permitted to compete against men. (enter "the coney island hot-dog eating competition: ladies' division", enter curves fitness centers, enter the bigger/taller/stronger gender).

to continue, all the world is my stage. i am a serial offender. i am a transvestite wearing skimpy, unmanly clothes in the summertime because i don't believe that itty-bitty females should be the only ones whose skimpy attire is tolerated in places of business. men sweat a lot more than members of the itty-bitty, lackluster gender. i have learned that i offend people by walking with my hands down my pants and squeezing my ass, so i just do it all year long. it scored me a free t-shirt at the casino, when a few nigs in back of me complained and made me unable to spin the wheel to win a prize. it was a good thing, because i was able to pick any prize i wanted...when everyone else's prize was based on the outcome of their spin. i bet those nigs felt like such second-class citizens after seeing that. mission accomplished.

or, as dr. sheldon cooper would say, BAZINGA.

i intentionally provoke people to have reason to complain and to write abiout the incident, i email my complaints to stores' national-headquarters, and i also put them on my website ( i also post on various websites through one of my hundreds of facebook-accounts.

my most recent okeefe-inspired misadenture is when i posted many online-complaints about a policevagina's appearance. the vagina looked like a man (despire the shorter/smaller/weaker aspect of femininity), and i complained that it is doing a disservice to little kids' gender-identities to hire an asexual-looking genderivoid onto a force as high-and-mighty (and looked up to) as the police-force. i was almost brought in for questioning, it reminded me of "who's that girl," when a newly-free madonna punched a prison-guard in the face. "get her back in here NOW". haha. to clarify: since 1996, "genderivoid" has been my word for people with no real sense of their own physical gender (not limited to "men" who stare at other men in dumbfounded curiosity, or "men" who relish in seeing something excitably taboo in masculinity).

chastity bono, for example, is a genderivoid. it was before its sex-change, and it still is a genderivoid. it went to the extreme of changing its body to conform to the gender-identity issue of its mind, when it could have changed its mind to conform to the reality of gender. furthermore, halloween costumes are fantasy - just as nobody is born with enough knowledge of the world to know that they should be a clown for halloween, nobody is born with enough knowledge of gender to know that they should have their halloween-costume surgically implanted on their body in a "pin the tail on the donkey" sort of operation.

feelings are not physical characteristics. i have allowed it to be impressed on me that i am quite a lackluster specimen of manhood when in the midst of football-greats like josh lane, tim tebow, matthew muchnok or jeb blazevich. i grew up as a skinny and weak boy who was all too familiar with masculine-abandonment, it is no wonder that i want to run to every man that i see. speaking of masculine-abandonment and how it relates to my feeling like a masculivoid, i was picked after all boys (and most girls) for teams in gym class, i had no armpit-hair for nearly 10 years after seeing it on classmates in the locker room as a boy, i was skinny and weak with no armpit-hair and no physical ability. i was the antithesis of masculine, i was not friends with any of the "jocks" in my grade whose masculine abilities were nearly celebrated, so of course i felt masculine-abandonment. it should be no surprise to anyone that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

ahem, i appear to have gone off on a homosexuality-slighting tangent, let me continue with o'keefe.

i have been banned from petsmart because of the skimpy attire that i wear, their letter to me is right on the tv set a few feet away from me. i have been banned from green valley veterinary hospital because i wrote a letter to them which complained of their sexist (all-female) staff. i have been banned from huntingdon bank, citizens bank, dollar bank. i hate sexism, and i am not going to keep quiet in banks or wherever i see vaginas wearing tube-tops and nothing substantial while men must be dressed in respectable business-attire on a hot summer's day. this is sexism, and it is for this reason i started my mens' group called Risk Affirming Patriarchal Endeavors.

i'm not afraid to say that i advocate for rape as much as i advocate for there to be more victims of breast-cancer. members of the itty-bitty gender must realize masculine superiority, and if rape is the only way then so be it. feminism is a gender-identity issue - it is a gender-identity issue to even state the words "a woman can do anything a man can do," when the reality of gender-based athletics and gender-based military-requirements state something quite different. feminism is a misunderstanding of gender, of one's identity as a member of one's own gender, and feminists harbor as much of a misunderstanding of femininity as gay "men" harbor a misunderstanding of masculinity.

ahem, i seem to have gone off on a feminist-slighting tangent...let me continue with o'keefe.

i have been doing my website since i registered in 1999. many domain-names have been registered since, including, but it all goes back to i started being a tattletale, in the style of james o'keefe, in 1999 and when i went into gay chat-rooms to copy text that gay people type. just to give the world an inside-look at the mentalities of gay people. i started with the "james o'keefe" thing when i was only 25 years old.

a little about myself, i suffered a TBI (a "traumatic brain-injury) on june 24, 1990 - one week after seeing madonna's "blond ambition tour" at the spectrum in philadelphia. i haven't had any run-ins with the police, the fbi or the secret service - not until i started offending people with my website, with the way that i write and with the topics that i write about. i am wanting my performance art, my cyber-art ( and all of my political satire, song parodies, screenplays, t-shirts) to be noticed by anyone who can help me make something of my brain-damaged existence.

dylan terreri, i

check out my site, , unless you're there now