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dear sir or vagina:

regarding cadillac ranch restaurant (pittsburgh) and cvs drug store (cranberry township) and green valley veterinary hospital (new brighton) and pure athletex (wexford):

as the president and webmaster of, as one who wants feminist-advocating precedents nixed (or hung from a tree and forgotten about, if you will) , it is my life's goal to end the sexual discrimination which exists nowadays. i have had sexual discrimination thrown in my face, i have been slapped in the face BY sexual discrimination, and in a nation which is so gung-ho about sexual equality, there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for a workforce to be comprised either mostly of or entirely of egg-bleeders/milk-spouters. cases in point: at cvs (cranberry township, pennsylvania) and at cadillac ranch (robinson township, pennsylovania) and at pure athletex (wexford, pennsylvania) and at the green valley veterinary hospital (new brighton, pennsylvania).

(and probably at other business-establishments from coast-to-coast)

there are FAR TOO MANY egg-bleeding vaginas working at these establishments. there are far too few men. companies nowadays are so apt to hire the lesser gender - whether to placate various "wombns' groups" as an attempt to placate various vaginas who are spiteful of mens' greater heights, greater widths, greater appetites, greater sex-drives, greater physical abilities...or as some kind of jagged little political statement.

i was slapped in the face with sexual discrimination when i went to the cvs in cranberry township - the prescription department consisted of SEVEN EGG-BLEEDERS and NO MEN WHATSOEVER. i went to a restaurant called cadillac ranch and experienced the same sexual discrimination - it was like a festival of egg-bleeding vaginas and milk-spurting MOMmary glands. i may have seen TWO MEN working there. and the green valley veterinary hospital was as sexist as the cvs prescription department - NO MEN WHATSOEVER. a fitness center called "pure athletex" in wexford is another place with what seems to be an all-female staff. i have seen no men employees working there, and just today i walked into the MENS' LOCKER ROOM and heard a pipsqueak's voice saying "there are women in here". that just made me want to Risk Affirming Patriarchal Endeavors. can you imagine if a man was in any wombs' locker room during business hours? the little vaginas in that locker room would be running around like chickens with their heads cut off, mammary glands bouncing up and down, screaming about sexism and violation and rape, even. screaming, pipsqueaks screaming, violation - sexism - male chauvinism!

females are the chauvinists. an all-female workforce is the reason i affirm that the green valley veterinary hospital is a very sexist organization. cadillac ranch restaurant is a very sexist organization. the cvs corporation is a very sexist organization. pure athletex is a very sexist organization. these statements are not opinions, they are justifiable facts - these statements are not slander or defamation - they are justifiable facts. there is nothing more sexist than any business which hires one gender exclusively. furthermore, there is nothing more sexist than any business which hires the lesser gender exclusively, and this is because LESS EQUALS MORE. less equals more - employment of the frequently-disabled and lesser gender equals more employees who must compensate for the disability of femininity, which equals more cost to the employer.

i refer to the lesser gender as the disabled gender, simply because men have no baggage pertaining to their physical make-ups. this makes men more reliable employees, and actually justifies an absence of egg-bleeders working at any business establishment. businesses hire the lesser gender because they're required to, not because the pipsqueak-gender is as useful as the testosterone-enabled gender - and certainly not because anyone truly believes in the "a woman can do anything a man can do" propaganda. it's no wonder that it took so long for the little females to become commonplace in the workforce, it was all a matter of the time it took to enact laws making bosses feel threatened (or bullied) into hiring the pipsqueaks. it took decades for the little gender to become commonplace in the workforce because the manipulation of peoples' behavior and thoughts is not done overnight - it takes propaganda in movies, television, schools, magazines, took the National Organizations of Womansexism a lot of time to rise to prominence and to have their fantasies of gender-equality taken seriously by normally level-headed people. it takes time, but we're here now and living in a world where the taller/broader/stronger gender is considered to be equal to the shorter/smaller/weaker gender.

the egg-bleeders call in sick more often than men, the milk-spouters feel a need to be there to nurture baby with their milk jugs (or MOMmary glands), there is even something called "menstrual leave" in a number of countries. now, aside from the lackluster physical abilities of the token Strongwoman (emphasized by the aforementioned gender-based physical competitions), do these facts not say anything about the nonsense of anyone hiring a female employee? do these facts not say anything about the nonsense of Strongwoman, herself? really...i have always been a miserable weakling when it came to weightlifting, so i compare myself to EVERYONE at the gym...i expect men to be stronger than me, but i'm just so happily superior when i see the kinds of barbells that wombmen exercise with.

masculine superiority, such is life.

the over-representation of the lesser gender is happening because vaginas have gotten so spiteful of how masculinity justifies itself as the greater gender, time and time again, evidenced by the fact that the vaginas have formed groups and coalitions to see that members of the pipsqueak-gender are not overlooked. even in places where their lackluster abilities don't belong because they deliver little importance (in the military, on the police force, basically anywhere that female-compensating and gender-based entry-requirements exist) .there is no such thing as sexual equality, evidenced by gender-based sports teams and gender-based military requirements. heck, even gender-based hot dog eating competitions. if a woman could do anything a man can do, if a vagina wouldn't serve as a handicap on a team of men, there would be no such thing as gender-based sports teams. the same goes for gender-based military requirements, gender-based hot dog eating competitions, gender-based olympic events, gender-based "do it herself workshops" at the home depot, . females cannot excel when competing against men, they cannot triumph over men, they are lesser and they are a bunch of disabled retards in comparison to men. this is why physical competitions are gender-based. females are of the lesser gender, there are no two ways about it. they are wannabees, evidenced by high-heeled shoes to make them taller (manlike), as well as shoulder-pads to give the broads some broad (manlike) shoulders. wannabees.

the wombn-only hiring practices (read, overcompensation given to the lesser gender by a bunch of spiteful and over-compassionate bleeding-hearts) shown by businesses such as cadillac ranch (and pure athletex and cvs and maureen a. mcelhinny of the green valley veterinary hospital) seem to be a mark of immature overcompensation designed to "get even" with the past. kind of like how feminists use the image of "rosie the riveter" (flexing the unseen bicep of her "strong" arm) to proclaim "we can do it" to a society of irrational dullards in an effort to get them to apologize for regarding wombn as members of the lesser gender. the "a woman can do anything a man can do" line is nothing but irrational overcompensation. everybody wants this irrational overcompensation...the compensation for slavery that negroes want is irrational because slavery wasn't against the law when the negroes got a free ride to america. irrational overcompensation, it's kind of like what is known as "gay pride" - gays are out marching for people to respect them when they don't even respect themselves - case-in-point: name one gay "man" who has enough pride in his own masculine self to feel slighted by a reverence of other masculine selfs? no gay "man" has that much pride in his masculine state-of-being, that's what makes the gay "man" gay. that's why gay "pride" is a facade, it is irrational for gays to want to be compensated with society's approval of their cross-eyed gender-dysfunction when they're not marketing their homo-curiosity as self-ignorance or as self-denial or as anything but self-love. let me quote a screenplay i have written: "if you're not all the man you need, good luck filling anyone else's void".

i feel the need to reach out to people and express the reasons to boycott these sexist businesses: cvs (cranberry township) and pure athletex (wexford) and cadillac ranch (robinson township) and the green valley veterinary hospital (new brighton).

mr. dylan terreri, i
dr. sheldon cooper, ii
"When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna

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