this is another letter of complaint from my website of (homo)sexual assault that is
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dear sir or vagina:

letter to the editors,
letter to the sex therapists,
letter to the republicans (or any politician who cares about the emotional state of the nation):

first there was an awareness of therapy to turn smokers into non-smokers, but i didn't speak up because i was not a smoker. then there was acceptance of therapy to turn alcoholics into non-alcoholics, but i didn't speak up because i was not an alcoholic. now there is an awareness (if not acceptance) of therapy for turning crooked men straight. well, being a crooked man who isn't straight with himself as a man and who therefore searches for another man to be the only man in his life (and the only "real man" in his bed) - i am a man who will speak up.

there are dictatorial bigots who want to BAN this "conversion" or "reparative" therapy, citing "proof" that such a therapy has induced depression and suicide on gay people who chose to receive this therapy. i would like to bring up the fact that the very thought of being gay with no means of escape has induced depression and suicide on countless of gay people who didn't choose to receive this therapy. i would also like to compare the cigarette smoker who doesn't want to be, the alcoholic who doesn't want to be, and the homosexual who doesn't want to be, with the soon-to-be mother who doesn't want to be. which is worse, killing an emotional desire or killing a physical life? why is killing life legal, while killing a sexual attraction is nearly illegal? why are people so concerned with forcing those with a gay state-of-mind to never act on a desire to change their minds? i know that i'm not the only gay "man" who would like to regard himself as a legitimate man (without any implied quotation marks being used to refer to the fact that most any man who is sexually attracted to "real men" isn't attracted to himself).

i'm sure that whichever dictatorial bigot who supports a ban of the therapy which makes a crooked person straight has no problem with no ban of the surgery which makes a crooked person's gender "reassigned".. let's see...therapy to overcome smoking is not considered self-denial, therapy to overcome drinking is not seen as self-denial, therapy and drugs and hormones to overcome the effects of "gender-reassignment surgery" is not a mark of self-denial (even though a denial of self is what brings about the desire for a self-changing, sex-change surgery)...but overcoming homosexuality is more self-denying than chastity bono is.'s like there is some kind of agenda here.

there is nothing deeming homosexuality as necessary. the only good that homosexuality is directly responsible for is the website known as, which is chock full of gay-bashing logic (not unlike this letter). there is nothing special about homosexuality that presents a reason to keep gay people gay - homosexuality does not produce life , the only thing it has directly produced is an influx of disease. there is no reason to ban the therapy that turns crooked people straight, doing so would rob countless numbers of people of their right to self-esteem...because what kind of self-esteem could possibly exist in the life of a man who thinks of himself as enough of a masculivoid to seek out the man of his dreams in someone else?

just fyi: "masculivoid" is another word for a masculine slight or a masculine insufficiency.

with this letter, i hereby call on society to wake up and to realize that homosexuality is for self-discontent losers who preach self-love as if "self" referred to their emotional state of mind which can easily be changed by opinions and knowledge, rather than their physical state of gender which cannot be changed by anything. gender-reassignment surgery is mere augmentation, much like a boob-job, because "chaz" bono's penis cannot fertilize an egg. "chaz" bono is not a real man, physically or emotionally, and that is the justifiable truth.

"chaz" bono is as prefabricated as my house.

thank you,
dylan terreri, i
sheldon cooper, ii
"When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna

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