this is another letter of complaint from my website of (homo)sexual assault that is
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dear sir or vagina, from the desk of

in this petition, i will explain how feminism is a gender-identity issue (with the help of a book called "charlotte's web").

wilbur was pig who was the runt of the litter in a book called "charlotte's web," it was charlotte the spider who made him celebrated by weaving things like "some pig" and "terrific" and "radiant" into her web. this is exactly what the whole Strongwoman campaign is doing with buzzphrases like "a woman can do anything a man can do" and "she's a strong woman," feminists are doing for all of the vaginas of the world what charlotte was doing for wilbur. the words that charlotte weaved into her web were placebos designed to keep him from being slaughtered, the aforementioned buzzphrases that feminists are polluting society with are placebos designed to keep reality-based people from thinking of the vagina-gender as the lesser gender. now, wilbur was a nice pig, but the runt of the litter didn't do anything to deserve the accolades he would receive. likewise, vaginas are nice people - BUT THESE RUNTS CANNOT COMPETE WITH MENS' PHYSICAL SUPERIORITIES AND THEY NEED GENDER-BASED COMPENSATIONS IF THEY WANT TO ACHIEVE LIKE MEN ACHIEVE (not "achieve over" men but only "alongside of" men).

feminism is a gender-identity issue. it is a gender-identity issue to advocate for the little gender with the words "a woman can do anything a man can do". this is because anyone's gender is a matter of reality, and anyone's identity is merely a matter of self-understanding (or of self-misunderstanding). gender-identity is a matter of the understanding (or misunderstanding) of one's own gender. anyone saying "a woman can do anything a man can do" hints at their gender-identity issues because that "buzzphrase" is based on (mis)understandings of the female gender. it is for this reason that i understand feminism as a gender-identity issue. a woman simply cannot do anything a man can do, this point is justified by every gender-based physical competition in existence - gender-based sports teams and military requirements and hot dog eating competitions and olympic well as the gender-based competitions that have slipped my mind.

i must mention high-heeled shoes and shoulderpads to illustrate the contempt for the taller/broader gender that vaginas have. yes, i will always call them vaginas...she call me a "guy," i'll call her a "vagiii". anyway, shouderpads make the little ones' shoulders as broad (manlike) as high-heeled shoes make these short people taller (manlike). it is for this reason that i sometimes refer to the vagina-people as wannabees or, more to the point, masculine wannabees. oh, how could i forget female soldiers who have gotten into the armed forces only because there are gender-based physical requirements to compensate for females' lackluster existences just so that there would be such a thing as female soldiers in the military?

the gender of vaginas are WANNABEES, a female's physical make-up makes her as much of a masculine insufficiency as the emotional make-up of any gay "man" makes him a masculine insufficiency. the lesser gender are placebos in the military and they are placebos on the police force (and anywhere else that gender-based physical requirements exist just so that vagina-runts can have a chance at success). wilbur was a runt in a book called "charlotte's web," it was charlotte the spider who made him celebrated by weaving things like "some pig" and "terrific" and "radiant" into her web.

then you have the baggage that isn't related to the vaginas' physical strength - the baggage known as egg-bleeding. yes, every vagina-person will bleed out an egg from their vagina every month like clockwork, just as every vagina-person has the ability to leak milk from their MOMmary glands to nourish what that egg can become - it is for this reason that i do not understand why society cannot (will not) accept vaginas as tools to be used by men to keep the human race alive...i do not understand why society cannot (will not) accept vaginas being anything less than man's equivalent. lesser bodyheights, lesser bodyweights, lesser bodystrengths, what is NOT lesser about the gender of vaginas? the coney island hot dog eating competition had to go an add a whole other division so that the lesser gender would be able to triumph - not over men, only alongside of them.

dylan terreri, i
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