this is another letter of complaint from my website of (homo)sexual assault that is
"When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna
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hi, mom:

well, that "with that being said" quote was part of sheldon cooper's quote. i stated this before i pasted the quote. don't you pay attention to emails i write? and why did you say you felt slapped in the face by either previous message (both of which had nothing pertaining to you in them).

though i don't say "with that being said," it's just a preface to something else. it's the same as saying "now that that's out of the way". or saying "alright, so we covered that" or saying "now, with that in mind," it's all the same thing. i've heard people on tv shows complaining about people who say "with that being said," and i think it's stupid. with that being said, i have mocked people who use the word "cool" - well, i did in my screenplay - but "cool" is a way to show approval...and "with that being said" is a way to relate one thing to another.
as for mockery, well, i make no mockery of you in anything i do. what i do only reflects on you in your own mind - but do you know how old i am? when will you allow me to have my own identity? after working with a mother-appointed mentor? mom, i would need more than a mentor to become the man you want me to be, i'd need a brain-transplant. i think that's expensive, so unless you can pay for it then it's not going to happen and you're going to have to settle for my current brain as well as the man that i am. i swear, i get more love and support from brent than i do from you. he cares about me so much that he basically offered to adopt me into his home and his family. the reason you think brent is not doing anything for me is because he's not changing me into someone i am not. i am never going to be whoever it is that you want me to be, i am always going to be quirky and slightly abnormal and quite eccentric. i love the quirky, slightly abnormal and quite eccentric man that i am. i don't regret myself.
unlike you, i don't regret myself. i have a lot of love and respect for myself, and it is maddening to hear constantly that you do not. and if what i post on other peoples' websites will be there forever then i will be there forever. i have no problem with living forever because i don't regret myself and i don't apologize for existing, whether my existence is online or offline.
with that being said, i'm going to go downstairs to eat something. now, with "with that being said" being said, i am affirming 1) that my letter is ending, and 2) that my going downstairs to eat something relates to my letter ending. yes, i have been wanting something to eat since i started this letter.

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