this is another letter of complaint from my website of (homo)sexual assault that is
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dear sir or vagina:

regarding the bloody raping of troup 411:

my name is dylan terreri, i go by "jagged little dyl," and i am in cranberry township seemingly every day. i am not an englishman, but i am bloody-well DISGUSTED at what i saw today. now, although i run a website called "" and a mens' group called "Risk Affirming Patriarchal Endeavors," i am bloody-well against violence done to anyone - including members of the lesser gender. i am therefore reporting a sign on freedom road in cranberry township. i would've taken a bloody picture of it, but there was somebody standing near it (possibly taking donations to the jagged little cause), and i didn't want to let on that my eyes are open enough to report children being involved in rape.

the sign advertised "troop 411," if i am not mistaken of the number. there were four or five other words on it, my right eye is a little impaired, but i am sure that "wreaths" was one of the words and "raping" was another. now, "troop 411" makes me think of groups like "the boy scouts" and their egg-bleeding/milk-spouting counterparts, and though i am not sure if the sign meant that the troop were to be offering wreath-making services for the holidays or offering themselves as holiday-rapers or holiday-rapees, i believe that children should not be exposed in any way to rape. even if they are doing it for charity.

this is as bad as all of the "rape for the cure" signs i see, which is likely something like the "walkamerica" event i attended as a boy. i was exerting myself all day long back in 1987 as a way to raise money for the march of dimes. i had my walkman, prince's new "sign o' the times" lp (which i put on cassette for the walk), a few other records that i had copied to cassette, as well as my friends - it was an adventure. i was exerting myself to raise money for - damned if i ever knew the cause - but i am APPALLED at the hypocrisy of all of these little vaginas who claim to be so against rape. i am appalled because any member of the lackluster gender should NOT be allowing themselves to be raped in order to raise money for anything. "rape for the cure," it's an insult to Strongwomen everywhere!

speaking of cranberry township's tolerance of rape, it was just this past summer when i saw "elect duane rape" signs all over the place and not three miles from cranberry township. what is cranberry township coming to? a jagged little township, that's for sure. rape is nothing to be taken lightly, and it is nothing to be mocked, ESPECIALLY when it involves members of the lesser gender - for it is those "strong" women who always seem to end up being only strong enough to be overthrown and raped. oh, and not only by big and strong, football-playing hunks like george huguely (praise mr. huguely) - it's like members of the little gender can't use their Strongwoman superpowers to defend themselves against ANY strong and physically-capable person.


can one really expect anything different from cranberry township? in the affirmative words of janet jackson in the remix video of "miss u much" and in answer to a question of "that's the end," i will have to say NO. one cannot expect anything different - not when rape is celebrated BY cranberry township. cranberry township has a "glen rape" road, a "duane rape" councilman, why shouldn't there be a troop of little kids offering "raping" services at the side of the road? i thought prostitution was illegal, where is that super-studly policeman from cranberry township when illegal things are taking place? all i know is that he's sure not in my bedroom, though i'd pay through the nose to have that perfect specimen of manhood in MY bed. wow. if i had a good mental-image of him,, i wouldn't be using my pillow as merely a back-rest right now.

mr. dylan terreri, i
dr. sheldon cooper, ii

"made love to my pillow, but it didn't feel right"- the police
"i just wrestle with you in my dreams and wake up making love to a pillow" - maroon 5

"When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna "

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