this is another letter of complaint from my website of (homo)sexual assault that is
"When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna
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dear sir or vagina:


"One thing is for certain: if your customer is simply expressing an opinion, or if what they are saying is simply true, a defamation lawsuit will fail. Opinions and truthful statements are protected" - Cynthia Hsu, Esq. on June 30, 2011 5:43 AM
from the desk of

should i ask my congresswoman about what should happen to a vet's office with a staff consisting of 13 men?

i am writing because, in this day and age, sexism should not be a part of any doctor's office. i am violated every time i walk into my doctor's office (it is actually a doctors' office), and even if i were to find and get services from another office which embraced diversity and tolerance, i'd know that there is one set of doctors who do not. i can't just ignore gender-based intolerance, and therefore am writing to as many equality advocates as i can. i wouldn't mind seeing this place put out of business.

the vet's office i go to is a very sexist organization, seen from their website or from a simple entry into the place. NEWSFLASH: it is now 2013 and doctors no longer are of one specific gender - i don't assume anything regarding fetus-wide hips or broad/protective shoulders when i hear the word "doctor" - so i feel that the womb who owns the business only employs 12 other members OF HER OWN GENDER because she has sexist ideals and because she is spiteful that females must wear high-heeled shoes and shoulderpads to appear as relevant as men are. oh, she's probably spiteful that females must use chainsaws in lumberjack competitions, as well, but that's not saying anything about the "coney island hot dog-eating competition" having to add a "ladies' division" in order for the smaller (lesser) stomachs to triumph.

...that's not saying anything about gender-based sports teams and gender-based military requirements, gender-based poker nights at the casino or gender-based "do it HERself" workshops at the homo depot...

i feel that if there was ANY office which employed 13 men - and employed nobody to represent the gender that is not as tall/wide/strong/able to eat as much - then they'd be put out of business by boycotts or by feminists or by the equality police. it is incomprehensible that, in this day and age, there is such a sexist and bigoted business that is not being boycotted or exposed for the intolerance that their hiring practices spew.

if such blatant anti-man sexism should continue at businesses like this office, i fear that people will stop regarding wombn as members of the lesser gender - i feel that people will simply ignore the fact that females were designed for motherhood, despite how females bleed eggs from their wombs and spurt milk from their MOMmary glands. this will lead females to think that they are just as able as men are when it comes to their abilities to "protect and serve," when females are really only intended to "protect and serve" lunch. take a look at their backs ("), for crying out loud.

i am writing because, in this day and age, sexism should not be a part of ANY professional office. i am violated every time i walk into the office, and even if i were to find another doctor who embraced diversity and tolerance, i'd know that there is one that does not.

i am writing because i feel it is my duty to expose sexism. i am writing so that activists will (through law or through boycotts) put them out of business unless they change their hiring practices.

thank you,
dylan terreri, i
sheldon cooper, ii
"When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna
to scott, regarding the veterinary office:

hello, scott, this is a friendly letter (i apologize for the length, but there is just so much to say) in response to the letter of false accusations that i got from you. i have some questions that i would like answered that i will get to later, but i say "false accusations" because , after reading your letter, i felt like i was reprimanded simply because i regarded an office comprised of 13 wombs and no men as extremely sexist. told me that the comments i posted online were "false, defamatory and disparaging". well, instead of hiring a lawyer to defend me against all of those irrational, self-denying and femininity-denying vaginal veterinarians, i thought i'd write to you so i could justify the legitimacy of what i wrote.

in short, it is wrong to be claiming that my accusations are "false, defamatory and disparaging" when my accusations are true and can easily be justified by a 5 year-old. i will explain that statement after i tell you that i have written similar letters to other businesses which have offended me with their bias towards men - and nobody was insecure enough to get a lawyer after me. i don't have the patience to start an actual boycott, too much time and focus is involved (i am brain-damaged, for crying out loud, i can't do big things like organize a boycott), but i know that boycotts are started for a myriad of complaints against businesses. consumers who feel violated start boycotts via letters sent to people and organizations (although limbaugh's advertisers mostly came back, they did back off because of letters written by people who wanted to stop others from listening to his shows...their intention was to put "el rushbo" out of business). i also know that boycotts (public shaming of a company) are not illegal or grounds for a lawsuit, especially when the reasons for the boycott are true and can be justified by a 5 year-old. i am not organizing a boycott, but i feel that this company needs the same kind of public shaming.

"false, defamatory and disparaging". let me put these lies to rest. 1) there's nothing FALSE about regarding as "sexist," an office of 13 wombn and no men - it just makes sense to have this opinion if a customer takes notice of the people around him. here's a question for you: if i am wrong to think that i can't be sued for stating a fact about this veterinary hospital, why i am wrong? and why, if i am wrong to complain, are there websites like and

2) saying that the hospital appears to be sexist is not defaming the practice or the competency of the doctors, ridiculing the gender of the doctors is not defaming the business practice of the hospital, so if DEFAMATION is an accusation then it's not related to the business (and it should not be handled by a lawyer writing on behalf on the business). furthermore, if any wombn feels DEFAMED by my stating the opinion that any female who hires 13 wombs and no men "has sexist ideals and is spiteful that females must wear high-heeled shoes and shoulderpads to appear as relevant as men are.," well then it simply wouldn't be rational for the female to feel defamed about being labeled a sexist because the female has no men working for her. it'd be like the pot taunting the kettle. if the womb was defamed by my suggesting that her overcompensating hiring practices might stem from the aforementioned overcompensating clothing., maybe she should seek counseling on how to stop overcompensating for (and learn to accept) her frail/female body. then she wouldn't feel defamed by her gender ("sad to be defeated by her own meek body," madonna crooned as evita), but if insulting the Strongwoman (who can't lift half as much as a man) is grounds for a lawsuit then why isn't anybody sued for insulting men every night on tv? that's another question to you, but in the words of genesis/phil collins, "this is the world we live in" - i hear man-bashing 24/7 on tv and news, music, etc, and therefore i am a wombn-basher because of the world we live in.

3) if any womb feels DISPARAGED or less worthy by my pointing out that females must use chainsaws in lumberjack competitions, or by my pointing out that the "coney island hot dog-eating competition" had to add a "ladies' division" in order for the smaller (lesser) stomachs to triumph, well then she must feel DISPARAGED about herself...and about femininity in general. again, this is not disparaging the practice of the business, i am just stating facts about gender - facts which are relevant to my complaint of the anti-man attitudes that exude from the veterinary hospital's unwillingness to make their workplace more diverse. these facts are relevant because in order for the reader to understand just why i am offended by anti-man sexism, i have to make it known just why attitudes of "female superiority" are not rational. this is why i say the following: if one gender wouldn't serve as a "handicap" to another gender, there would be as many gender-based sports teams as there are gender-based debate teams in high school. or gender-based quiz shows on television. yes, females do represent physical handicaps, look at the "parking for pregnant women" signs, it's elemental. how much can little unborn babies weigh, for crying out loud?

in order for the reader to understand just why i am offended by anti-man sexism, i have to make it known just why attitudes of "female superiority" are not rational when females relish in overcompensations like gender-based military requirements.

i was simply writing to relevant websites in an effort to have this hospital exposed for their discrimination and bigotry that is based on gender. this hospital employs 13 wombs - i've seen ONLY the lesser gender employed by the office whenever i've been there., employees are all female and are all proudly listed at their website.

this is sexism - and with a multitude of news stories relating to vaginas everywhere who are suing based on "lack of diversity," i believe that it's only logical for to me to speak out against society's omnipresent "wombn only" lack of diversity. if wombs are going to force the citidel and vmi (among other man-only establishments) to accept the smaller gender, i'm sure it's not unheard of for someone to complain about sexism. i have no desire to actively start a boycott, but please let me know if boycotts are illegal. please tell me if and are illegal, please tell me why a lawyer would contact me while these websites (and others like them) have not been shut down by the companies that are complained about. i have a right to complain about a company. people do it every day, on websites and through word-of-mouth. people complain about the quality of work done, for crying out loud, i'm only complaining about the apparent sexism. did i say 13 to 0 yet?

there is nothing false about saying that the place reeks of sexism. 13 wombs work there, no men at all, it's not anything but truth to call the vet who owns the place a SEXIST. i am offended by sexism, so i wrote to lawyers and other leaders because i feel violated by the veterinary hospital's sexism. i stated exactly how i feel about the sexism displayed by the hiring practices of the veterinary hospital, and how it makes ME feel when i go there. oh, it was not my choice to go there, one of my dogs had died and the emergency vet i went to had recommended the place in 2011 (and faxed my dogs' records to them). from day one, i felt compromised by the apparent sexism (they had one man working there in 2011, if he was gay then it'd just have added to the "no men allowed" aspect), but the emergency vet forwarded my dogs' records to the veterinary hospital. all of the information about simon (the dog that died), as well as how his sickness could relate to his brothers (alvin and theodore). i would not have continued to go to such a sexist vet if i thought it would be easy to switch vets, but there are too many records to transfer so i couldn't get a vet using the "trial and error" method. besides, i wanted to give the vaginas a chance to prove themselves as "strong". which didn't happen, by the way, because they contacted a lawyer after reading complaints from a "". no, i didn't write to that website, but i am a pissed consumer. i am angry at their sexism and at how they contacted a lawyer for reporting their sexism (or for belittling their puny gender, i'm not sure which they are whining about).

it has been my experience that females are spiteful of being lesser than men. men are taller, broader, stronger, able to eat has been my experience that females are spiteful that mens' broad shoulders name men as "protectors" while females' broad hips (and MOMmary glands) name wombn as "mothers". i realize how my experiences have shaped me into quite a politically-incorrect thinker, but i would like to know how on earth i could be sued for writing a letter of complaint regarding the sexism (13 wombs, no men) at the hospital. i realize how my letter to the hospital could have been regarded as "insulting" by those who are insulted by femininity, but 13 wombs and 0 men IS sexism and it IS what makes my accusations OF sexism not false. the only disparaging and defaming in my letter was related to the female gender. ridiculing someone based on their gender is not grounds for a lawsuit, either, especially when i didn't address my letters of complaint to the sexist company which you are representing. did i say 13 mammaries and 0 testosterone?

this is how i feel. apparently the vaginas are eternally children on a schoolyard, because they had the principal send a letter to my home. they are a bunch of self-piteous egg-leakers who have offended me with their anti-man sexism, i find it reprehensible that they have called a lawyer to complain about my exposing it. 13 vaginas and no men. i hope i have not offended anyone reading this letter, but in order for the reader to understand just why i am offended by anti-man sexism, i have to make it known just why attitudes of "female superiority" are not rational.

dylan terreri, i
sheldon cooper, ii
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