if i had a son, he'd look like trayvon
if i had a sister, she'd sound like this:

Stop using my name on the internet. You are sick. I don't have a brother. If you want to live your life miserable with hatred in your soul, go for it, but don't drag me into your personal hell. Forget you knew me and never use my name in any of your disgusting monologs ever again. I have worked too hard in my life, for too many hours, to have my reputation marred by a hate-filled person who can destroy people's lives in a five minute session on a computer in a room all alone. Leave me and my name alone and out of your vulgar insignificant blurbs. And leave everyone else out of them too. No one wants to be mentioned in your disgraceful musings.

if this was written by ANYONE i was related to, i'd ask why i was being complimented. "a hate-filled person who can destroy peoples' lives in a five-minute session on a computer," really, i would really like to know the power i have. especially when i had posted little about even having a sister and nothing untrue about anyone i'd written about. am i dexter, would my room be "dexter's lab" where i perform my wizardry when my ballerina-sister, dee-dee, isn't annoying me with ribbons in her hair...as well as a few flowers? maybe a daisy, a petunia and a laurel

terreri is my name, and it would be our name if i was lucky enough to have a sister. terreri is somewhat of a common name. not as common as smith, lane or moore...it may be more common than blazevich (which is the last name of an actual policevagina who brought me to court for making a facebook account in her name - how self-important anyone is to think that they are the only ones allowed a certain name. oh, self- importance - "i'm the only one" - a convenient way to belittle homosexuality (as well as melissa etheridge). selfish, self-involved, self-absorbed, a selfish attraction to the self's own gender is what homosexuality is.

i wrote an essay a few months ago about how nobody owns their name exclusively. if i had a sister, i'm sure she'd be somewhat of a public-figure because i'm sure she'd have organized a big and long beach clean-up movement if she lived by the shore - and she'd be a public-figure who lived by the shore because, like i was a daughter, she was my dad's son. my dad is liberal, so she'd be a liberal public figure. public figures are able to be talked about, especially if they are borderline gay-activists who took part in anti-gay mockery and ridicule of me by regarding me as less-than-masculine enough to coin the word "grit" and tell me that i'm a mix between a "girl" and an "it"

i feel like jeffrey needleman, driving fran fine around in the cab, complaining about what fran did to him 20 years ago in high school

seriously, though, these memories are troubling me. i need a beer, give me a budweiser's or a miller's, or i'm going to have to sign myself into some kind of a hospital to keep my childrens' state-of-mind from harming myself. suicide IS immature. come to think of it, i don't need therapy at a hospital, all i need is to drive in my gas-guzzling suv or to run a marathon while listening to music. music can be such therapy for anyone, even me - a tbi victim ("traumatic brain-injury) who almost died in 1990 and went through so much therapy (physical for legs, occupational for hands, speech for cleft palate). if i am troubled by any sister i don't have, all i need is to get my mind on something else.

i am the opposite of "green". earth-lovers, earth-preservers, earth-therapists are the kinds of people that liberals hang with. people who voted for obama, people who are known throughout their community on the west coast/left coast for their "green" attitude which is celebrated by environmentalists and other earth therapists. that's not me, i lay on the gas-pedal at stop signs, i have 15-20 lights (cfl bulbs, mind you) on all night and all around my house. i use public toilets meant for vaginas and i leave the seat up with piss strategically placed on the toilet and the floor.

if i had a sister, she'd be ashamed of me. but i maintain that i don't, and that this page is entitled "hypothetically speaking".

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