Mojavpa (13 mins ago) but you're not really lying if you admit you're 38. and theres no need to hate on transexuals. who are you to judge what their gender is? why are you defining people by their private parts. If somebody tells me they're a woman, i'm going to accept it. i'm not gonna think about if they have vaginas or not. grow up.

i just want to say "THANK YOU" to Mojavpa...
    ...kinda like how CC said "THANK YOU" when niles was tied to a chair and she was the only one who could untie him.
i just want to say that i'm michael jackson. please just accept it, please don't think about if i have a fascination with little boys or not.

"who are you to judge what their gender is?"

now i've heard it all. i know that schools nowadays teach this kind of drivel, if you will, but if students are taught that nothing is definitive and everything is open for interpretation...then how can they learn anything? "i'm not going to judge the gender of that person with a penis," "i'm not going to judge the temperature of the boiling water that i'm putting my finger into," "i'm not going to stop what i'm doing to judge whether or not that bandit with a gun is intending to shoot me".

this reminds me of a don henley song called "the garden of allah," where a satan-like voice says: "there are no facts, there is no truth, just data to be manipulated...there is no wrong, there is no right".

people like this Mojavpa person have lives that are far from useful, and they should be drowned. all democrats should be drowned, because this kind of thinking is predominately done by democrats, progressives, liberals. drown them all.

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