a month or two ago, i quit all my accounts at winpalace casino and at all of club world's casinos. i was ADAM ANT about them not taking me back when i quit, so i'm not even going to attempt to go back.

i signed up for inetbet.comm casino a while ago, i never have luck with them, so i signed up for "grand parker casino" and i must've deposited around $1500 before i got a win worthy of the wait to withdraw. i had gotten up to $1800, i went to the cashier to put it in for withdrawal, but i released the withdrawal the next day and played some down to around $700 when i made just a $2.50 bet on "t-rex" and my balance shot up to $1933. that's 400 times the bet. wow.

anyway, "grand parker casino" always reminds me of "joshua parker lane," but that's not the reason i played there. i just did. it's going on the 4th day since i won the $1933, and i still have not released the withdrawal. i played "t-rex" not for money, and i got another win almost 400 times the bet. $60,000. i just looked at that amount, i thought to myself, "if i won that much, i wouldn't know what to do". when you can only bet $100, when you have $60,000, a $100 bet seems tiny.

well, that's been my "joshua parker casino" page. er, my "grand parker casino" page. joshua is pretty grand.