"another day, another carrot," in the words of bugs bunny. another year, another...hmn, i have no idea. another "who cares," i guess.

today i was writing pages about classmates from my high school, because if anyone in their current lives is searching the internet for their name then maybe they'll see my website. i am taking a break from that right now, after getting $100 from an online casino. i had just canceled all of my accounts that had record of my bank account, which kind of meant that i was giving up on the casinos because the casinos need a bank account to send money to...and getting a bank account set-up by a casino takes a lot of time and identifications faxed. so, without any casino having any banking info on-file, i wouldn't easily be able to collect my winnings if i were to deposit money. therefore, my online gambling should be a thing of the past.

oh, i wouldn't even be able to deposit without identifications and statements faxed in.

i did get that $100 chip from a casino, i needed to "play through" $3000. i just thought i'd play until i had nothing, i didn't expect anything to come of it, but making large bets first put my balance over $200 and then put me near $1400. i can only cash-out $200 from the free chip, i needed about $1400 playthrough when i was at about $1100, so the casino is running in my "virtual pc" that is currently minimized as i write this. i have a program called "robotask" that emulates keystrokes, and every few seconds the space bar is pressed and a bet is made of 20 cents. that's the least that can be bet, but if i only need $300 before i can withdraw, i'm sure i'll have one or two hundred by the time the "playthrough" amount is met.

my balance is at $1100...playthrough is $1400. i need to make at least $400 to cash-out $100. i have $1100 to bet with, and that's 5500 spins to make $400. that's an average of around 7 cents a spin that i have to make. now, without bonus rounds and with so many spins winning nothing, that'd probably be somewhat impossible. BUT, with bonus rounds, i think i am apt to get at least $100.

most of the day was spent doing the classmates thing for my website. it's 5:30 pm now, i've been doing the casino for an hour or so. right now, i have played through $1947 and i have $1072...even if i lose every spin, i'd still finish with $19. super.

i have a netbook turned on, right next to me, robotask is running - but i will not tell you what it is doing. it's TOP SECRET - it has nothing to do with the casino.

check out my site, www.jaggedlittledyl.com , unless you're there now