"i left that basement burning and i never went back"

i'm not sure if i should do a parody of the cure's "hot, hot, hot" regarding this page on madonna and gambling. "hot, hot, hot" would suit slot-machines, though, especially thinking of that "hot hot hot" fireball game at the casino.

i was online and gambling after reading a lot of stuff regarding madonna's concerts and her shows and their celebration of both satan and of the occult. i usually leave the computer on all of the time, but the problems i was having with my nearly-defunct keyboard(s) and touchpad made me turn it off after i realized that sometimes the computer is really slow and sometimes it is fine. i thought someone may be hacking into it. so i turned it off, i guess i had a lot of time to think. maybe i thought in my sleep, because i don't think i was awake much of the time that my computer was off.

i began to associate gambling with the evil that is madonna, and that's where the "i left that basement burning and i never went back" line came into my mind. i left those slots and i don't plan on ever going back, and i credit madonna and the spiteful, "i don't care if i go to hell" kind of person that she is. her shows (especially her super-bowl performance) are satanic rituals. just do a google-search for "madonna satan" or something. oh, sure, you'll get a few references to her "oh, god, i think i'm falling out of the sky" line in "like a prayer" relating to the "fallen angel" known as satan - a few references to "lucky star" being about satan - a few references to the "illuminati" jacket she wore in "desperately seeking susan" with the "all-seeing eye" on the back - but these facts pale in comparison to the examples of how her shows are satanic rituals.

it was like "a clockwork orange" experience. images of madonna on all fours with her tongue hanging out, everything i read - even the backward message in "like a prayer" - she is evil and even more EVIL when she's LIVE (there's a frontwards/backwards palindrome).

my mom has been warning me about her ever since i was a young boy. i gave it up with her a little while after she put out her "erotica" release, i stopped following her, but after reading of her superbowl half-time show and her symbolism and involvement with the occult...i left that basement burning and i never went back.

i put $250 into a casino, got nearly a 300% bonus, i was playing for a while. i don't know how i began to associate madonna with gambling, but i am glad i do. i don't think i should set foot into a real casino anymore, my interest in real casinos has been waning - but (thanks to my associating madonna with casinos) i can say that even online casinos (to alter a 1990 song-title of johnny gill's) "rub me the wrong way".

i left that basement burning and i never went back.

do a google-search for "madonna satan" or "madonna occult" - or even read about her satanic super-bowl performance - and the reasons why it was an homage to lucifer.

i left that basement burning and i never went back.

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