all hopes are on "inetbet casino". i discovered them long ago, i may have tested their "quick withdrawal" claims by putting money in and withdrawing it to my account at okpay. i know i intended to, i don't know if i did, so i deposited into inetbet and withdrew to okpay last night. if it shows in okpay today, i'm not sure how long it'd take okpay to wire it to my bank. when i had $4000 wired back in april, according to their receipts online, they wired the money a day after receiving it.

on inetbet's website, it says withdrawals can take from 12 to 24 hours. now, if it happens that fast - er, quickly - then that would be awesome. if it happened that fast, seeing that there is no charge for credit-card deposits or for okpay withdrawals, i'd be able to stop playing with any profit i'd get.

yes, i can stop whenever i want to. i lost $700 at the local casino yesterday - slowly, by betting $1 and occasionally $2. it has been my experience that online casinos have better odds and their free spins are awarded more frequently.

i still cannot believe that i got almost $2000 from a $2.50 bet. that happened at "grand parker casino," i started playing there almost a month ago - and that win was all of my deposits plus $700. wow, such a big win for such a small bet. that's 400 times the amount of the bet.

i sure wish "grand parker casino" would use okpay. maybe i'll ask stanley, the account manager.

okay, i did - now, i am stuck on "grand parker casino" because i put in $100, it became $300 and then $400, and i cashed out at $1933. i'd only been playing there for less than a month, and that $1933 was $700 over the amount of my total deposits there. i actually went from $100 to $300 to $400 to $1800...and down to $700...before i played t-rex and got to $1933 on a $2.50 bet. i must've been playing for six hours, trying to get back up to $1800, what a surprise to see over $1000 be awarded from a $2.50 bet during the free spins.

i should stop putting these kinds of pages in my "dylanne frank" diary section, and just make a whole section devoted to gambling. i'll do that now.