my mind's telling me 'no'

it is november 25th today. a few days ago, i deposited $250 into "casino titan" and met the playthrough requirements. i may have been ready to withdraw at $1800 or so, but all i can remember is that i had $2400 that i was going to withdraw - and i would have if they had approved my bank information.

i couldn't send it to the cashier to wait for a withdrawal, it was just sitting in the account. i played more, the balance went up and down, and i was ready to withdraw at around $5000, but i still couldn't send it to the cashier. so i was up to $6100 - i thought i'd be able to keep myself from playing - "my mind's telling me 'no,' but...". i remember that from american reunion, and i got down to $4500 when i bet $100 and got 15 free spins.

i now have $8194 in my account, waiting to be withdrawn. there is a bug inside my big hdtv that i use as a monitor. i feel bad for him because he has no food. it reminds me of simon, who i believe was hungry and ate stuff he wasn't supposed to (which gave him pancreatitis).

i had $8000 not long ago at "high noon casino," and i was betting $100 at a time...until i had nothing. i never thought i'd happen again, my having won $8000.