jaggedlittledyl has always liked alpine pools, i loved being in the same room with jason, just being there. i began to get a crush on mike, as well, it wasn't as full-blown as my love for jason, but it was there.

mike always made me feel welcome. he was standing outside once when i pulled in, and i was unaware...until he said "what'd you break" and i looked to my side to see my big brawny dreamboat.

oh, what a hairy-forearmed hunk. i bet his armpits smell like cranberry.

anyway, i asked mike if he could run my credit "right now" to see if i'd qualify for financing for a liner. he said that alpine pools doesn't finance, and told me to apply for financing on dollar bank's website. i told him that i could have sworn that i was told that they do finance. he said no. this gave me another clue that he doesn't want dylan terreri anywhere near his store.

the first clue was earlier that day - mike was giving me a background of how he installs liners, and i was asking a lot of questions because i really wanted my 11 year-old pool to have a new liner. i guess i was talking too long, because when we were done, i was walking out of the door and i pass someone else...and mike says "unBELIEVable". i froze - my mind was stuttering - hiccup, hic hic...ok ok what'd he say?" mike had no time to be responding to anything else, so he obviously was reacting to me. yes, i am brain-damaged and may not grasp things as quickly as normal people, but why was he so nasty? was he nasty because i am trying to function out in the world by myself? i don't think he should have said "unBELIEVable" when i was only 10 feet in front of him. he should have waited until i was out of the store. it was like he was holding it back, and it just came out in a bellow. for crying out loud, he's the owner of the store - i'd post a complaint on yelp.com if i didn't have this private website (that nobody sees) to vent on.

the alpine pools of cranberry township was once a place i loved, full of big men i loved...but it's so hard for me to even walk through the door because i know mike papik probably regards me as a moron. i can still hear his voice saying that word, "unBELIVable," in back of me. i am very hurt, i feel so down right now, i feel that nobody likes me because of my brain-damage and my inability to function normally, and i don't know what else to do. the other pool-place in cranberry township doesn't have algaecide, i'd assume it's just during the winter, that's why i went to alpine pools in the first place. i don't know why michael papik said "unBELIEVable" - yes, i do. he was biting his tongue all throughout our conversation, i bet, because he wanted me out of his store. he probably had a hand in making the holes in my liner - though i did drop dumbbells a few times. well, telling me that they don't finance people, well, that's the icing on the cake. he told me that they don't finance, but they do use "dollar bank," but i have to apply for a loan myself.

maybe that is true, but i just feel so - how shall i say - sent to the back of the bus. especially hearing that "unBELIEVable" just two hours beforehand. this really belongs on yelp.com...but mike would probably ban me from his store if he saw a complaint online. so i'll just keep it to my unseen website. i have a whole 3 hits today.

check out my site, www.jaggedlittledyl.com , unless you're there now