artists and activists aren't the only ones who want attention

some vag named laurel terreri sent a letter to my parents to "alert" them of "the myriad of content" that i have posted online. she was complaining of how i "stole" her domain-name simply by registering "her" domain-name with a different extension.

as a side-note: "her" domain-name is actually a song by johnny cash. i didn't steal the name from her, i stole it from johnny cash (as she also did). furthermore, she was reduced to registering her domain as .net because .com had been registered for years before she decided to get a website. she stole the .com domain because she used .net, i simply grabbed a few more extensions.

anyway, referring to the "myriad of content," she writes this: "This is obviously a cry for help and attention, and it is quite obvious that he is very disturbed".

tell me, laurel, don't you have something you care deeply about? what about the beach "cleanups" you organize? don't you want people knowing about them so that more people can participate? isn't that why you started a website?

laurel wants to raise awareness, laurel wants to change something, laurel is doing what activists do. laurel wants attention given to something that she cares about. that's what activists do. i want attention given to something that i care about. there's nothing wrong with wanting attention. everybody wants attention, everybody wants to be realized - from an actor to a singer to a day-laborer. dogs want attention, dogs want to be realized.

everybody wants to be realized everybody likes to be greeted by name, everybody wants to their work to be appreciated and rewarded with a salary-raise or with a simple "thank you".

yes, i want attention. yes, i want my ego to have reason to grow bigger and bigger and bigger (if at all possible). why do you think i've been doing my website for 15 years when i sometimes get 0 hits a day?

nobody's going to my website, i should just give it up and do something else. that's what i'd say if i was doing my website solely for attention, but there's more. of course i want attention, i'd be happy with 100 hits per day, but i'm sure that stephen king is not writing only to make money.

whether or not i get the attention my website so rightly deserves, i get personal fulfillment by doing everything that i do for it. now, you'll have to excuse me, i must leave for the casino. i could gamble online, but i just really want to be noticed. that's the absolute truth.

dylan terreri, i (bringing attention to my name) (bringing attention to the best cd) (bringing attention to obama) (bringing attention to my school-days) (bringing attention to an abusive rehab-facility) (bringing attention to the same abusive rehab facility) (bringing attention to a town of voyeuristic football-fans)

check out my site, , unless you're there now