i kill redheads for fun. i kill cucumber-eaters for fun. i kill hindus for fun.

i ran into the video by charles copeland again - he thought that the creator of anti-gay.com is the creator of the "i kill gays for fun" facebook-page. he said that he was going to call the fbi and "get inside my head and stay there," as he bugged-out his eyes like he was one to fear. in the words of "the shermanator" from american pie, "what...a...loser".

i kill straight people for fun. i rape feminists for fun. i shove calorie-laden foods down supermodels' throats for fun.

how DARE he say that he's going to get inside my head and stay there? he obviously wants to do harm to me emotionally. i'm going to call the fbi because he was making a terroristic threat against my well-being.

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