i'm dylan terreri, the first
by night, i am gayle williams-byers
i am a cross-dresser with a penchant for lip-synch
i am GAYle because i am GAY
i am williams because freedom williams' washboard is the first image of washboard-abs that moved me
i am byers because my favorite episode of "the nanny" has fran turned-on by a date whose dad was a buyer for loehmann's
like all Women, i am green with envy of mens' superior heights/widths/strength-levels
(strong women can do anything a man can do when the competition is gender-based).
hence, when i am in drag, my middle name is green

sometimes i do drag in "blackface" so that i look like a niggardly african monkey who is green with envy of the under-representation of whites in prison. i put a "blackspace" in between my two front teeth, as well, just to further the classic negro's essence. speaking of under-representation of whites in prison, though, the race-oriented and racist groups like the naacp of cleveland (and of the whole country) sure haven't done much regarding "advancement of colored people," unless the euclid city jail is an advancement regarding the quality of housing which uneducated, ebonic-speaking blacks qualify for.

eureka! that's why there are more blacks in jail - it's because they want a better place to live than that which can be paid for by any member of a group of people who must rely on programs like "affirmative action" to get them into college. strike the pose, you've made it into the ivy-league because of misrepresentation and not because you're as capable as a caucasian, bitch. strike the pose, you're a member of the united states marine corps because of gender-based military requirements and not because "a woman can do anything a man can do," bitch. strike the pose, your condition is no longer considered to be a cross-eyed disorder of gender-identity because war is peace, freedom is slavery, homosexuals love and respect themselves.

anyway, if you would like to have the presence of *GAYLE* (with or without negro-blackface) at your next drag-party or drag-dinner, please use this website to contact her. do NOT bother to contact her while "hot in cleveland" is on, because she loves that show as much as she loved getting raped by the men of her dreams every night she trolled down euclid avenue as a teenager.

be warned, though, *GAYLE* and this website will taunt the mentally-handicapped NUMBsculls at a brain-injury facility in gallatin (tennessee) called 21st century living services. oh, how *GAYLE* hates gallatin (especially loney hutchins and john birdwell - exposes them for what they did to *GAYLE* before she came to know herself as *GAYLE*).

also be warned, because *GAYLE* and this website will taunt every niggardly vag-hole like the niggardly vag-hole i am every night - otherwise known as *GAYLE* (gayle williams-byers). oh, how i hate niggardly vag-holes - that's why i am one in drag. S&M. i love to hate myself. i love to punish myself.

BE WARNED: *GAYLE* and this website will taunt every "strong" woman who can only lift as much as i could lift when i was 16 years old and just out of coma and newly brain-injured. BE WARNED: *GAYLE* is a niggardly and judge mental head-case who taunts and bullies the bully who taunts those who are too weak to stand up for themselves (aka, women and children). *GAYLE* will mandate a bully to be out on a city-street for hours - without bodyguards - to wear a sign which makes HIM the target of bullies and violence. someone as immature and judge mental as gayle williams-byers is, well, she just is not mentally-sound enough to have the ability to mandate anyone to do anything.

*GAYLE* actually reminds me of a nigger dly policevagina named abby - abby complained to her superiors (who isn't superior to a little vagina-girl) that i "stole" her name and used it as my facebook-name. excuse me, names are not personal property - while you are charging me with "stealing" someone's name, though, why don't you arrest the parents of every josh lane and james brown in existence?

let me quote nanny fine's parody of "basic instinct," here: "what are you gonna do, charge me with lipstick?"

my website will taunt nigger dly and judge mental vag-holes who crusade for every little pipsqueak-retard who has been wronged by someone. racism, sexism, gay-bashing - this website has it all!

check out my site, , unless you're there now