i was watching an animated gif of two "men" fucking, i was reminded of "men at work" with emilio estevez and charlie sheen (it came out probably when i was in the hospital - i caught it on cable a year later). i remember how they were stuck in some kind of butt-fucking position, and the gif reminded me of it. "that was a long time ago," i thought. that used to be taboo, now it's commonplace. even older than "men at work" is aerosmith - they've been around since before the downfall of society (homosexuality) came into the forefront, and i was wondering if steve tyler ever did a publicity-stunt and kissed joe perry (or whoever the guitarist is).

"there's probably nothing about either of them that would make them want to kiss," i thought. they see each other as brothers, as commonplace, each sharing a "you've got nothing on me" demeanor. so, "nothing about you" came to me as level 42's "something about you".

how...how can it be that a son's hard 'round the manly?
lacking self-praise, he lusts his own form
loves to gaze and praise, loves the strong men
one dainty mistake, he's so small and trite in compar'son
something to need, big and so strong, he's mostly puny in his thoughts

novice dude must think his lusts were wired into him
no time to think, cuz manly style eludes
and there is something about dudes' brave'ry he likes
why shouldn't he be 'round dudes for life?

if ever i lust, lust for steve, i'm one to say that it is no need
a silly, young dream is the perfectly-built type
once fragile and meek in the brain - men were the menders
i was mostly young, it's not all gone
i'm broken, puny in my thoughts

years changed the things that stand behind attraction
oh, and you'll see my queer-of-mind is old and bruised
cuz there is nothing about dudes making me psyched
don't want to be around dudes naked tonight
see, but there's something about dudes naked which psyches
i wouldn't jizz without dudes' pictures online

but there is nothing about dudes making me psyched
i couldn't jizz without views online
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