i just thought to do this one

what good is sitting alone in your room just with a half a brain?
like kids who lack a brain of fun, some fools go out to play
look, now, they're bitching at dude who's "uncool"
his mind forms his happy days
i am a cabaret of fun - some fools go out to play

some gays are fine to need a man
some know it's scorn and self-berating
mike loves ray - his man-replacement

muslims permitting their prophet of doom to wipe-out the u.s.a.
death is their cabaret of fun, it's one foolish pride-parade

i grew up sad my world was always empty
no screwing males, the brawny dudes i envied
i wasn't psyched, the horrid times were sour
as a matter of fact, my death-wish never floundered

the day my life would make me say "uplifting,"
well, that's when love came to my life of bitching
and when i saw life laid in front of me
i was the happiest "bore" you'll ever see

i keep to self, my room is where i stay
i am enter...taining, all i need's my brain

what good is sitting all alone in your room with only half a brain?
like kids who lack a brain of fun, some fools go out to play

but, as for me, socially, i gave that mind up and my bitching
when i'm home, i'm home and psyched for me

start by admitting your way is a fool's, just give up the pride-parades
nice kids go out to play for fun, they always want cabarets of fun
but i am a cabaret
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