i must say "thank you" to a few gyms around pittsburgh, as well as the whole country, just for the inspiration for another parody to feature at jagged little dyl's website of parody, www.songparody.org

after searching the internet and trying to find a gym to join (including snap fitness, pure athletex, the rose e. schneider ymca), after seeing all of these pictures of members of the shorter/smaller/weaker/less hungry/less horny and inferior gender representing a gym that should be aiming to make clients STRONGER than a little pipsqueak woman, i thought about how women are being marketed as strong. i thought of how gays are being marketed as role-models whose senses of gender-identity are A-OK, and i thought of how negroes are being marketed as role-models whose race isn't dominant in jail-houses. i thought of little females' jealousy/spite of mens' place in the world, of gays' jealousy/spite of straights' place in the world, and of lucifer's jealousy/spite of god's place in the afterlife.

after thinking of the wannabees known either as women or as gays or as blacks, i thought of how life on earth is just like heaven was for lucifer (before he was kicked out of heaven for being a wannabee), so i started to parody "just like heaven" by the cure.

oh, please - oh, please - oh, please now, please, do that trick,
the one that makes me deemed as big,
the one that makes me masculine
ooh, my arms aren't packed with strength
oh, please, now, just do it
get guys' noggins moved til broads are said
to be as great as dudes
to have a strength that's brute

pictures spawning fibs of gen...der - give us greatness in their heads
and deem us brawny with web-pages now, and make us bold
i am just a wannabee masc'line, i won't be ever told
that i'm no muscle-dude, that i am just a womb

womb, soft and homey
womb, often yolky
womb, made for eggs and
dairy with our cleavage open
milk into a bottle, we're something obscene
nothing like he

may lies kick us into shape, a tough man seen in feeble dames
our wombs and milk and lesser strength, please mold and redefine
with power, yes, we'll vogue and pose and own the love of soci'ty
they'll know that only girls have mus...cle, now it's seen on magazines

wombs, lost in envy
wombs, aren't the best here
wombs, just like satan
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