the original is a song about a girl who has a crush on her teacher. my parody is a song about a teacher who has a lust for his student.

though he was not much of an "old teacher," being only 4 years older than the student, the student regards him as old because - well, once when they were out of his classroom and around people, someone thought the student was the teacher's son.

i could have done a parody of prince's "hot thing," because what the teacher said to the student in a public-bathroom was a lyric from that song: "don't you wanna play with me".

it went on for nearly a year. i can link to a letter that the student's compassion for the teacher's feelings would never let him send to the teacher.

old teacher, i'm flummoxed, this dude brings magazines
he wants me, he's married, no i don't want his meat
he likes sexy-talking, i turn in overt shame
he wants me, but he knows how i yearn for hairy legs

don't stand so, don't stand so , don't stand so close to me...

firm men are my sex-lust, i so want manly strength
his wife is not the reason i'll see no penis-length
temptation's not aching, i'm glad cuz when i die
at judgment, can't say that i tarnished man and wife

don't stand so, don't stand so, don't stand so close to me

don't walk in this bathroom - don't flirt with my behind
strong words, i just can't do - compassion makes me blind
it's no use, he enters, he thought he may get off
he's like all old men in that bookstore, atlanta

please don't stand so close to me...
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