in his bed, he lies

dylan terreri has kissed matthew muchnok's BULDGE of a bicep

dylan terreri has never acted in his life

ray parker junior is the singer of all of prince's songs - prince only lip-synchs for videos and concerts

this one time, at band-camp, jay durner kissed scott cariddi's ass in the cabin

erin babcox and jason hessler-smith were dating during the fall of 1989

loney hutchins apologized to me for the hardships he caused that i documented at

dr. thomas blash wanted to have sex with me in my apartment at korman suites.

laurel terreri never called me a "grit," and she never regarded me as a "mixture of a girl and an IT"

dylan terreri has never been investigated by the fbi or the secret service

kim basinger once submerged my head in the bathtub, as if she wanted to drown me

stephen king got the inspiration for his books from his days as a murderer

all of these statements are true.

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