well, here i am - come may, i'd have been writing my website for 15 years. what a jagged little dyl.

what is on my mind a lot, is the GAF test that doctor michael franzen (the phd) gave to me. i had to take it after what i wrote regarding someone running for some kind of public office with a name like "duane rape". i didn't write anything regarding the man, i should not have gotten in any kind of potential trouble, i just did some creative writings about rape of the lesser (shorter/smaller/weaker) gender.

anyway, my score was 48 out of 100. i looked online about what that kind of score means:

Serious symptoms (e.g., suicidal ideation, severe obsessional rituals, frequent shoplifting) OR any serious impairment in social, occupational, or school functioning (e.g., no friends, unable to keep a job).

i have no use for a job, and i actually kept to my "volunteer" work at the spca when i was doing my community service for the prank-activism/theatrics that got me convicted of a felony in 2003.

as for having no friends, well, i have one. as for having no others, well, i have no way to get to know anyone. the only familiar people i see are clerks, mostly. the handsome one at wal-mart, the man at the casino who commented on my wallet-phone-keys chain-contraption that i have connected to me so that i never lose my wallet or phone or keys. so, store-clerks, casino-clerks, those are the only familiar faces i see. i have no friends because i don't go out, and i don't go out because i am occupied at home with my website or with my pool.

doctor michael franzen,phd, he wrote that it would suit my memory, just to write things down. hmn, well, maybe...if it was important enough to remember to look at my reminders. i have a "desktop calendar" on my pc, i barely use that to write reminders down.

at least my score of 48 wasn't high enough to have forced me into some kind of therapy, three hours a day for three days a week. i saw mister franzen at allegheny general hospital, agh - he's some kind of brain-specialist. i have had brain-tests in the past, usually for assessment of my tbi (traumatic brain-injury).

just like sheldon cooper, i've been tested.

check out my site, www.jaggedlittledyl.com , unless you're there now