just something i wrote

living in western pennsylvania, i awakened in bed next to Jeanette as i heard maxwell Sheffield on tv as he said, "what do bisexual siamese twins have to do with a Plum,"

"Ross," my girl whispered as she started to Moon me, "you're my man". oh, how i wanted to shove my Big Knob into her Big Beaver, but instead i told her not to fear obama's dreadful Economy: "whenever an egg from your Beaver Falls, it won't be the last, and i am a likely Prospect to buy a New Castle to start a family in...just as soon as i can afford it. a castle, a home...complete with a Butler named niles and a Baldwin piano...where we'd know a long period of Prosperity".

"Armstrong," she whispered as she cuddled with my Imperial bicep - a bicep of superior or unusual size or excellence. "Ross Armstrong, i love you".

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