i am sure that adam sandler had a skit or show or something called "what the hell happened to me," and i thought i'd justify that dylan terreri has always been the way his website portrays him to be. my mom's not talking to me because of a ton of offensive/raunchy stuff from my website which a girl named laurel sent to her in the style of a disciplinary note or a parent/teacher conference: "it is obvious that this is a cry for attention and help...i am doing what i can to get him the help he needs"


1) age 10-20: i would always be idolizing prince and madonna - prince's explicitly x-rated lyrics and madonna's provocative behavior were not ignored.

2) age 12-13: i would always be in hysterics with a girl named chrissy robbins because we were always talking about sexual things and what-not, and this did not end (and probably didn't begin) in mrs. rufus' sex-ed class.

3) age 14-15: i went to the midnight-movies often to see the cross-dressing doctor frank-n-furter in "the rocky horror picture show," which is a movie dripping with sex and lewdness.

4) age 15: i was always in hysterics with a girl named stef janin as we found something sexual in most every song-lyric, in most any line that either of us (or any of the cast) had in a play called "barefoot in the park," and in most everything at "band camp" during the summer of 1989 - incidentally, 2 live crew's "as nasty as they wanna be" was popular that summer (and i remember alea apgar singing "dirty nursery rhymes" on the bus to/from the camp).

5) age 16-21: i started writing a screenplay in the hospital to keep the memory of my friends alive, which evolved into an overtly-sexual exhibition of gay-bashing and feminist-bashing mockery called "andy's beach: america's horniest home videos". i partly wrote this to ridicule the gender-identity issues known as homosexuality and feminism.

6) age 17: i joked with the play-director about the exhibition of my wearing madonna's cone-bra for halloween - in 1991, this was not accepted because 1991 was a time when men were manly.

7) age 17: mrs. copeland came to my house most every day after i had "quit school" so she could bring me homework and other stuff which would allow me to graduate in spite of the effects of my brain-injury, and i said something provocative (i'm not sure what) to her which made her pause and then reply: "you like to push peoples' buttons".

8) age 17: josh lane gave me some fatherly advice about masculine self-respect and about building myself up to think of myself as "the best". he told me the importance of building myself up enough so that i wouldn't have a reason to put other men on pedestals, and i'd come to regard the act of putting men on pedestals as a proclamation of one's own sense of masculine esteem/identity being 'all shot to shit" in the presence of men.

9) age 19-20: i had an idea to start a "no queer" t-shirt company, putting proclamations on t-shirts in the style of the "no fear" shirts which were popular at the time.

i moved out of my house at age 21. my website's roots can be traced back to my youth.

check out my site, www.jaggedlittledyl.com , unless you're there now