His name is Dylan Terreri. He goes by "Jagged Little Dyl". He humps me endlessly. I am not a consenting adult. I am a little girl. I am twelve years old. He's never actually penetrated me, but just knowing that I am always in walking distance from him makes me feel raped. I fear him. I would like to call the police. I would like to report him to Abby Blazavich and Keith Haburjak. Maybe to Ronald Leindecker and Timothy Gatehouse., as well. I realize that the District Attorney tried his best to have Dylan convicted of a "corruption of minors" charge, after two underage human females saw, from 200 feet away, two inflatable cameramen on his roof's railing. These precious and innocent little12 year-olds are like Britney Spears, because they're "not that innocent" if they told Timothy Gatehouse that they "tawt they taw" a sex-doll when all they saw were inflatable human-figures from 200 feet away. I realize that Dylan intended to attach an inflatable camera to each of his dolls, with a wireless 1-inch camera glued onto each inflatable camera's end. Dylan took the dolls down before he could even buy the cameras for his security-system. After he took the dolls down, was when Gatehouse went to his house and was examining the inflatable cameramen, obviously looking for a sex-organ or a hole of any sort, but he found nothing that would corroborate the fantasies of the 12 year-old perverts. That's why the "corruption of minors" charge was dismissed at the preliminary hearing, but that's not to say that the girls didn't know enough to have already been corrupted by someone other than Dylan. I may be just your average inflatable female alien, lacking any holes for Dylan to stick his penis into, and I may be scared that Dylan Terreri is always within walking (attacking) distance of me, but those 12 year-olds (and the police) were obviously putting on a show in order to get Dylan in trouble. I'm the one who's in trouble, because I'm as defenseless as I am inflatable, and Dylan can assault me even without sex-holes.

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