The District-Attorney and the policemen of New Sewickley Township may turn me on, but they are a bunch of bullies.

This past summer, I was sunbathing on my roof about 200 feet from the road and behind a railing. It wasn't long before a car pulled into the driveway. Nobody was scheduled to be at my house, so I panicked and crawled two feet back and in through the middle window. I was not going to answer the door, and maybe 20 minutes later I saw a police-car in the driveway. I then called my theapist that i see regarding my "traumatic brain-injury". He called the police to find out what was going on, and I answered the door to officer Ronald Leindecker after my therapist called me back. I was charged with "open lewdness" when there was nothing "open" about my sunbathing. Oh, I keep forgetting - I didn't get charged with "open lewdness" for sunbathing, though the police were alerted to my nude sunbathing by the people across the street (who wouldn't have been able to determine whether or not I was naked or had my beige briefs on), I was charged with walking along the roof (still behind the railing) and even standing and facing the policecar as it pulled off of the road and into my driveway. None of that happened, for I saw the car approach and turn into my driveway as I was lying on the roof. If I knew it was Leindecker, I probably would've started humping the roof like I hump my mattress. But I did not know who it was, and I had no reason to get off or to do anything sexual (or lewd).

It doesn't end there. Because of the bogus charge of "open lewdness" that Ronald Leindecker wrote up, because the people across the street had gotten me in trouble when there was nothing "open" about the "lewdness" that one could only assume was going on behind the railing at a distance of 200 feet, I thought I'd play a prank. I bought inflatable men from, which had a manufacturer's recommended age of 4 years old, and I put them both on the railing. Two 12 year-old girls took pictures of them, then officer Timothy Gatehouse comes to my door and asks to see the dolls that were on my roof. I watched him, his eyes were going up and down and up and down, probably looking for a hole or an offensive body-part, and after he found nothing he said something like "you're probably going to get charged anyway". Soon, I find that I'm charged with "corruption of a minor".

I had to hire a lawyer to deal with both of these charges, and the "corruption of a minor" charge was dismissed at the preliminary hearing. The police didn't bring the girls' pictures of my dolls to the preliminary hearing, I don't wonder why, so they were just trying to substantiate the "corruption" charge with the impression that my dolls left on the girls (at a distance of 200 feet away).

I still have to deal with the "open lewdness" charge, which is going to cost more money. How could I forget that I was at some kind of hearing for the charge of "open lewdness," about 5 months after the incident, when my lawyer told me that the police added a charge of "indecent exposure". I'm not sure if they added it because the other charge was dismissed (I don't know if it was dismissed, because I was not in the courtroom to hear the goings-on between my lawyer and the policemen), or if they simply added it. either way, "indecent exposure" requires knowledge that the exposure would offend others, as well as the exposure of genitals. the distance of 200 feet, and the railing that I was behind, makes me wonder why this charade is still going on after 5 months.

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