in early 2017, i called jg wentworth so that i could have early-access to my lump-sum that was due in 2020. i knew that i had property-taxes to pay, so i called the township or the county a few times, and they told me that i only owed 2017's taxes. i paid what they said i owed, they actually told me that i was "all paid up," and so i dumped all the rest of the money into my mortgage. in june of 2017, i got a note on my garage-door which said that my house was due to go up for auction because of unpaid taxes. whoever told me that i was "all paid up" apparently didn't have access to 2015's and 2016's taxes that were not "all paid up," so i became angry. the leftover $100,000 that i had went into my mortgage, i didn't have good-enough credit to get a refinance, and i just wanted those naive bitches i spoke with to be harmed by a heterosexual man's erect penis. risk affirming patriarchal endeavors. ha. anyway, it's february of 2018, and i've got roommates who pay me, but i have to stay in the house and save my money...and i have to stay out of the casinos.

"i'm staying home"

aw, these days i have to save - (goodbye-aye) to all my mad slot-play
(now i cry) i want my money back today (oh, why why)
WHY? my bank's obscenely raped

cuz i've seen...oh...such pride! what appeared there online!
now i'm needy, right? i'm staying home

everywhere, i've been the same...(feeling) like i could buy anythang
(feeling) free to buy a trike one day, (feeling) not much sorrow, not much pain

now i see...oh...such crime! yes, they'll see it, my spite
and they'll realize they're getting boned

they're getting boned
they're getting boned
i'll get them boned
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