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so, i started writing song parodies with my friend scott in 4th or 5th grade.  about the time weird al's "eat it" was popular.   i remember doing "we are the nerds" to "we are the world".  i remember scott just mentioning in passing, i guess, "love is a cattlefield" for pat benetar's "love is a battlefield".  i don't remember much else, from that time.

after my accident, the following summer, 1991, 17 years old and in my room a lot - feeling kinda not up-to-par with any of my classmates, i did "wind beneath my wings" (oh, josh the big and strong football player took me to see dying young, and next we were to see the naked gun 2 1/2 but i was all down on myself and praising his utmost masculine being.  he told me not to get down on myself and to love myself, not to put men on pedestals but to be the best.  i guess that's where the heart of this site comes from, "if you're not all the man you need, good luck filling anyone else's void".

anyway, i did "wind beneath my wings" i guess because of his rejection of me - "i'm everything, everything i wish i could be...i am the wind beneath my wings" is how it went.  i also started to sing a lot, back then.  there was a scratch in my beaches cd, maybe "i think it's gonna rain today," and i guess my sister is all too familiar with that, because years after when we heard that song she started imitating the never-ending "way" or something.

oh, and i did mariah's "someday" i think, i was really sad to be rejected by josh, he was, of course, the "perfect specimen of manhood" i looked up to.  so, "someday" starting off with "you were so blind to let me go" - "hey, josh, it's your loss," is what i was trying to tell myself.

oh, and madonna's "something to remember" from the dick tracy soundtrack - "no other man said love yourself" and "i hear you still say love yourself".  i think i did that too.

oh, i remember doing another one from dick tracy - "cry baby".  "my guy is...such a bumpkin, it doesn't take much to make him cry..if you hurt someone helpless it's like taking away all his toys, he's such a crybaby boy"...to my lyrics..."i spy a...liver sandwich, but i see no fruit - i wonder why...is that - i see no apples and i just do not see any grapes, you never cease to amaze."

don't ask me

i know i did "moronica" to "erotica" when i was in the depression hospital at 20 in new brunswick.  it was on the adolescent ward, but since i was injured as an adolescent and still lost in that world (as if i'm not now), they let me in.  one girl there, i know now, had the hots for me.  anyway, "moronic, moronic...fill my hands with lotsa more money" was my budding impression of madonna, who i once idolized.

i moved out at 21, after timmy (the family dog) died, and i don't think i did much parody-writing til i started the website when i was 24.

check out my site, www.jaggedlittledyl.com , unless you're there now