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16. ext. under boardwalk - day
clyde approaches andy.
andy (to clyde) i'm sorry for being arrogant. saying, "hmmn, a performer" to you the way i did was to rise above my own feelings of inadequacy.
clyde what do you mean?
andy i mean, i scoffed at your dreams to be an actor like me because you're so much better than me at everything else! you have abundantly hairy arm- pits and a hairy chest and a meaty body! i had to feel worth something in your presence, pride saves the day for self-proclaimed losers like me!
clyde what are you saying?
andy i'm saying that opposites attract, be that man/wo- man, confident man/insecure man, or even half-the- woman/epitome of 'woman'! "opposites" is what you feel inside about yourself, it's not strictly male or female on the outside! i'm jealous, therefore i lust! i'm jealous of your body like you're jealous of saxy's! i need a man in my life for the same reason you need a woman, i feel left out!
clyde don't be a masculine insufficiency, love yourself!
andy (taken aback) i love myself!
clyde do you?
andy yeah! did you see how high i was holding my head when i was talking to j.d. and his friends before? that was no commonplace q facade, it's proof! i was independent!
clyde yeah, i saw you with those dumbbells, i know you were trying your hardest to be like j.d. i also know you said, "hmmn, a performer" to me like that cuz you were trying your hardest to be like tamy. you've been trying to be like so many dif- ferent people, dylan would've included living co- lour's "cult of personality" in this act if it wasn't already chock full of 1990 music!
andy i'm the cult of personality?
andy pauses.
andy (cont) i was a proud asshole to you guys, i admit it! i take back everything i did, please take me back as your friend!
clyde andy, you said things that can't be taken back. and you weren't proud, you were arrogant. you said it yourself, "pride saves the day for self- proclaimed losers like me," what did you mean?
andy think. i'm a man, yet i see things in other men that are taboo enough to arouse me! it's not say- ing a hell of a lot about my masculine self-image. i'm sure not "every man," it's not "all in me".
clyde you're right, whitney.
andy and i don't want other people to be aware of how weak i feel, so i'll throw a gay pride parade to pull the wool over both our eyes!
andy dons a pair of shades.
clyde and stick your tongue out like an jealous, foot- stomping child, huh? "nyah, nyah, i don't like being different from you, but instead of changing my behavior i'll flaunt it - in your face - til the cows come home!" what kind of self-respecting adult has that kind of attitude?
there is a pause.
andy gay pride parades are more like gay pride facades?
clyde you said it, not me.
there is a pause, as andy comprehends.
andy oh, just please be my friend!
clyde why should i wanna be friends with someone who doesn't even love himself?
andy i do love myself!
clyde don't you see what you're doing by lusting after me, another man? you're not loving yourself as a man, you're loving yourself as a masculine insuf- ficiency!
andy what?
clyde i don't love saxy! i need another woman in my life because next to claudia, she doesn't compare! why do you need another man in your life besides the man you are?
andy because i'm gay!
clyde that's just an excuse! just because you have a homosexual attraction doesn't mean you have to a- dopt a gay lifestyle.
andy what am i supposed to do, it takes years to lose a homosexual lust.
clyde if you're governed by lust, you don't belong in a free country. you're a slave.
andy well, everybody sins, god will forgive me.
clyde why should he, your actions certainly don't say you're sorry for your behavior. the faggots of sodom and gomorrah weren't sorry either, look what happened to them.
andy everybody sins. period.
clyde claim yourself q and you're living there! (pauses) you're so obsessed with mary, why don't you take her advice?
andy what?
clyde don't go for second best, baby.
there is a pause.
andy i'm attracted to men, what do you want me to do, go for myself?! i was born this way!
clyde quit pulling the wool over your eyes, take respon- sibility! you said it yourself, opposites attract, even for gays! christ, don't be that way, "accept what you've not, baby, tend 'til you've got. im- press yourself." be strong enough to be your man.
andy you're the cult of personality, mr. top ten.
clyde good, top ten is maybe something you can relate to. how 'bout this one: "sometimes old men die with little boy faces"?
andy how 'bout it?
clyde if you keep seeing men the way you do now, you're gonna be one of 'em someday.
there is a pause, as andy comprehends.
andy what are you trying to do to me?
clyde what are you trying to do to yourself, letting your libido determine the course of your life?!
andy i love men and women equally, but god gave me the lust i feel. so i have no choice but to be gay.
clyde (pausing) pro-gay really brainwashed you, didn't they?
andy that's what they're here for, to brainwash youth and to get them to live life for lust!
clyde free your mind, andy, different is good. don't be so tied up in the selfish "same sex or no sex at all" thing.
andy it's hard to change my wanton desires.
clyde it's easy to change your behavior. rise above lust, it's unhealthy and quite naive. it's like a giant question mark. q. that's gays, their whole life is one big q. "duh, let's strip and inspect ourselves!"
andy to each his own. i'm not gonna change my behavior if it's fun!!! some men are happy to need other men, it's fun for them! fun, fun, fun! whoopie!!!
andy puts his thumb in his mouth.
clyde some "men" put up a front to quiet their inner man who has been driven to tears. real men are man enough to be their own man, that's self-love. that's independence.
andy (violated) shut up, i'm independent! just because anna acts like a mom and overprotects me, doesn't mean i'm dependent on people! i can make it on my own!
clyde i didn't mean it that way.
andy yes, you did! i'm independent, no matter what you say, nobody can take that away from me!
clyde i meant that you're choosing not to be an indepen- dent man. you can't stand on your own two hairy legs - you won't stand on your own two masculine legs - you need another pair to feel complete! that's a deficiency, and it's not a matter of ge- netics, if you think there's anything chemical a- bout the insufficience you feel without another man in your life, you're pulling the wool.
andy two men can love! just as well as heterosexuals! and two dads can love their child just as much!
clyde their child?! what a joke, gay parenting is so fucking self-important, gays proclaim their life- style to be so much better than straights', but then they have the nerve to take the very product of heterosexuality and claim it as their own! the sad thing about it is that it's no family, it's just fucking long-term babysitting!
andy is listening carefully.
clyde (cont) and what the hell kind of values can be impressed onto a kid with gay parents, but "be selfish/only accept what is like you," or "ignore different people like they don't exist"? christ, fags want to abolish the age of consent cuz they want dibs on kids before maturity gets it.
andy (pausing) nambla is well-received, a lot more than namgla.
clyde there's no north american man/girl lust association cuz straight men aren't perverted sex fiends who get off on controlling and manipulating youth! gays are perverts society embraces in exhchange for a feeling of self-worthiness in a land of open minds!
andy you're homophobic.
clyde call me what you will, but if you wanna believe there's nothing detremental to a masculine soul, about finding security, fulfillment, and something excitably taboo in another one, it's your loss.
andy (pausing) i'm not denying my own masculinity! i don't see masculinity as a taboo! i just like...real men!
andy's eyes drop to clyde's naked chest.
clyde what's homosexuality responsible for besides a big disease with a little name growing into a gigantic epidemic? andy, i wanna get to know you, i really wanna be your friend, but i can't be around grown men who look at other men through the eyes of a child. i feel the shame you refuse to.
clyde walks back to the suck and blow game, and andy is heartbroken. there is a long pause, as andy sits there violated.
andy (yelling to clyde) fuck you, clyde! fuck all of you lemons! i'm starting over! i'll move far away from you!
fade out

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