So, I first starting a play called Back In The Summer Of '89, while in the hospital after the car accident in 1990, to keep the memory of my friends alive.  I never quit, years passed and I kept revising...and in 1996 I tried to get it produced at the Jersey shore.  

is a copy I had at my parents' house.   120 pages is pretty long, it is very satirical and nothing like you've ever seen before.   I cannot believe I wrote such a thing, it belongs not in a cinema six but in an art house.  It's larger-than-life, it's obnoxious, and it took a long time to scan 120 pages into my computer and make them all one document.  But I did it.  The dialogue and direction was centered on the pages, but once I scanned it in it was lost.  And couldn't get it centered once I scanned it in.  Unless I went and centered it one line at a time, but I didn't wanna do that.
I will always remember the movie producer type at the Jersey shore when I tried to get this produced, he'd always make fun of the word "Violatedly" I put in the script!  :)
Have fun.