i had a near-fatal car crash after my 16th birthday.  i first started writing a screenplay to keep the memory of my friends alive, when i was alone in the hospital and at home without high school.  i just kept writing and re-writing and writing and re-writing, from say 1991 until 1996.  then i tried to get it produced, that fell apart.
i went to balteymore and hung around in towson, i signed myself into a head-injury rehab program (which soon after i quit), and dabbled some more in the screenplay just because i had absolutely nothing else to do.
i dabbled in it when i was living at the "retard home" in the play, but it wasn't until the retard-keeper sent me to a mental ward when i started writing the screenplay on this website.  i called comp usa and had them deliver a notebook computer to the hospital, and i was writing day in and day out.  i had nothing better to do, the mental ward was a great place to get writing done.  i recommend it to all writers who have too many responsibilities to get works accomplished.  here's the screenplay in a new window.
here's a scene from it that disproves the notion that nothing is wrong with homosexuality