j u s t i f y   m y   l o v e

gabriel:  hi, debbie!  how's your husband?
debbie:  he just found out that i've been cheating on him with brian, so he's not talking to me.
gabriel:  you were cheating on him?  why?  he's a catch, all the ladies want his beefcake.
debbie:  well, he was forcing me to be a vegetarian.  i haven't gotten any of his beef for months!
gabriel:  oh.
debbie:  what was i to do?  he was depriving me of my daily dose of masculinity that i need so bad!
gabriel:  i see.
debbie:  though it was right next to me every night, masculinity hasn't been a part of me for months!
gabriel:  and you were unsatisfied with what you had, so you went and laid with a real man?
debbie:   exactly!  a man who could satisfy my hunger for masculinity!
gabriel: you grew to feel seperated from it, so you went externally and got it?
debbie:  exactly!  but enough about me, how is your wife?
gabriel:   it's time i told you the truth.  i don't have a wife, i'm gay.
debbie:  gabriel, why did you lie to me?!  were you ashamed?!  why are you telling me now?
gabriel:   i'm not ashamed around you, now that i know we lay with men for the same reasons.