31 cincy 1 nashville 2 atlanta 3 birmingham 4 brooks ky 5 columbus  6 pittsburgh

i left on january 31, 2000, was heading for the nashville dmv to pick up a copy of the title for my truck.   the list up top are the places i stayed the night, the links below are in sequential order, and i stopped filming on february 1 after leaving nashville and starting south on 65 for florida.   

story>   to cincy   what plan?    burger king blowjob   red roof cincy   28 miles to louisville   swa billboard    i stink     where to stay in bna    mission accomplished!!!    to comp usa    the batman building   where to?    where?   calling pensacola    adult bookstore   all i wanna do   "wash"   i wanna go back    killer traffic jam    detour

could've been filmed anywhere: toilet stall    out of john