i guess late spring of 1990 will always be "the time of my life". madonna, "vogue," the "blonde ambition world tour," sleeping at the lehigh valley mall with craig and john for the tickets, jenn kelly (fred astaire). this is the rehearsal video from the "blond date" special on mtv. this is very special to me - i taped it and watched it over and over again (or "incessantly," which is a word in a song called "i'm going bananas" from the "i'm breathless" lp). yes, i was memorizing her dance, probably practicing along with the tv.

i went to see dick tracy at 12:00 am on my birthday (june 15th, the day of its release) with jenn kelly and trish tilstra. on the 17th was the concert in philadelphia - on the 24th was my brain-damage. the "i'm breathless" (dick tracy) lp was released on may 22, i think i brought it to school (i was obsessed with madonna long before the spring of 1990, but "blond ambition" marks the height of the obsession.

Madonna - Vogue (Blond Ambition Tour Rehearsals) by Rock_Steady

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