31 cincy 1 nashville 2 atlanta 3 birmingham 4 brooks ky 5 columbus  6 pittsburgh

had to cut and paste my trusty itinerary (sp?).  alright, so i videoed cincy and nashville nights.  so, as you would have learned in the page before if you were appreciating my website, i was heading for florida and got into a giant traffic jam on 65.  following 4 or 5 other cars, i crossed the median and headed back up north.  once i got back to (john michael) montgomery, i headed up 85 to hotlanta.  i stayed at some hotel there, realized on the 3rd that i should pay the speeding ticket i got on the 31st, paid it and paranoid me had it fedexed to the court, then i started north again on 85.  an hour or two up 85, i decided i wanted to go back to birmingham, so i went back south and then onto 20.  i got to birmingham, got a motel room and stayed at the ymca for maybe 4 or 5 hours to cruise the locker room.  well, i don't cruise, i just gawk and wait for a man to talk to me.  i'm shy like that.

anyway, from birmingham, i headed back up 65.  in southern tennessee, i realized that i didn't get my license back from the ymca workers.  so i went back and asked for it, the female (for lack of a better word) there told me she couldn't find it, i think she wanted to make me suffer any way she could cuz she and the rest of the staff knew what i was up to before.  so i left empty handed.   cont