one early may morning, i left my apartment with my friend to get a prescription for a stronger medication than 20 milligrams of paxil. at the suggestion of my insurance company, we had made an appointment with a head-injury doctor at the university of pennsylvania medical center. so, we went in and my friend told the doctors there about everything relating to my website that had me investigated months back. apparently, the nutcase doctor wanted either to cover his ass from all the possible minority-bashing that he'd be responsible for if he let me go...or he did not pay any attention to the fact that those cases (the case of the hillary clinton threat and the case of the national organization of women threat) were already investigated and put closure on.
to make a long story short, i was involuntarily committed to be in the hospital. i asked for a notebook, and here are all of my schizophrenic writes n' thinks.
'the accidental victim' 2
letter to the editor 2 (i was gonna send it to the local newspaper)
letter i was gonna read to the groups simply because the blacks there were into pointing fingers
here's a web-posting that was on my guestbook from the same masculivoid, on a "gaycanada" site

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