in august 2001, i created my 'a g n a t y i' screenname on aol. it was not often that people actually picked up on the screenname (most of the gabbers in the room had to be spoon-fed by a parent-figure with words like, "read the big letters and then the small letters" and so forth). anyway, i thought about cutting and pasting and posting my own comments like i did in the other 'dylinda tripp' sections...but then i thought better of it. here is pure, unadulturated gay "pride" for all the world to see!

seattlem4m nwindianam4m sanjosem4m westpalmbeachm4m2 vermont (you'd think it's a gay room) ask gay guy anything

eriasoh: hell, what homo in here doesn't like to hang out
eriasoh: with a cool straight chick?

a lack of gender-identity, spoken by a fag who thinks he was born gay!

want2bnext: well actually when you dont have lube spit works
(anything for an adolescentile thrill)

gayconditioning raleighposbear atlkmk1 my "are gays wrong" profile