an email i received...but if eminem can show his disgust then i'll show mine

hello; while i do not agree with the contents of your website, neither do i agree with the actions taken by the owner of a list i am on. if you go to merwolfpack at egroups and join the group (under an assumed name i suggest) you will see that the owner, melissa good, has published to her +1700 list members your home address etc from your domain registration. this is a tenacious and easily-stirred group and mention has already been made of retaliation. (make em look like fools, they will hate)

i do not believe anyone has the right to speak as you do...but neither do i believe that anyone has the right to use their position (she is a technical person with eds) to search your name and address and make it public to a group of fanatics with the intent of doing you harm. (make em fools, they will hate)

do what you will with this message.

in case you're wondering, i have left the home address area in august, but the home address was a simple mailbox address anyway. better luck next time, i'll let you know when i get my next apartment.

thanks to the author of this letter for writing it, my lawyer will do with it what he sees fit. back

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