your commentary into the gay lifestyle is astounding. you have a gift at vague generalizations and you enjoy the use of big words that only make you appear smaller. (this is a supreme example of gay 'pride'. it is obvious i violated something in this so-called 'man' because 1) the subject of his email was 'love your site' like he wanted to manipulate me into reading his letter, and 2) he is trying to prove himself as 'above' or 'better than' me and my writes n rhymes using his line about my 'having a gift of vague generalizations, blah blah blah') the world owes no one a thing. we all coexist. the only secret to life is learning how to do this without pissing too many people off. (now that the shoe is on the other foot, it's such a crime to offend people or piss them off, huh? how 'bout the millions of people gays have offended and pissed off to move the world into the 'have fun, no rules just right, i'm the only one' mind-set it's presently in) you seem to be a bigot of many different groups. (i don't think so, i don't have no tolerance for people unlike me, i have no tolerance for people who whine for special rights after they whine to lessen the integrity of god's word or other rules of normalcy as we knew it by morphing it to suit their various ids) you alienated blacks asians hispanics gays and women. (they're all ungrounded whiners for whining for the things previously stated) did you not have a mother? (my mother can handle reality so i respect her) you are a naive excuse for a human being. (and masculivoids aren't naive excuses for men? men are your discovery zones) no, i take that back, you'd have to be human first. i don't whine nor do i wave a rainbow flag, i am much more interested in love than sex. (where's the love in a man singing "i want something else to get me through this semi-charmed kind of masculine existence") your prose are meaningless and wasted on the ignorant and fuel nothing but your own pitiful vile self hatred. (now who's flaunting words? just come right out and blame, "you're the one with the problem") i hope one day the opinions you hold will dissipate, fore if they don't i promise you---horrid things will become of the shell cavity encasing your soul. (why, cuz the fags are mad and mutilating me will soothe their whines? if you're gonna bring up souls, what's gonna come of yours for disrespecting god's word and morphing it to suit your own selfish intentions?) peace and best wishes (yes, he's as bloated as the rest of the fags)

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