oh your attitude towards women and homosexuals will surely help you into the flames of hell, a perfect resting placed for your type. (the only god's existence that we have anything reminiscent of a record of, states in no uncertain terms that gays have as much a place in heaven as women who think they've got as much a right to power as men do. so, in effect, your hell is god's heaven) your bible is a very ancient interpretation of perhaps how things were or should be and has no place in this century or time. (it "has no place" anymore because the world is embracing both "freedom" to live how they wanna live and apathy towards the only god we have anything reminiscent of a record of) you can live in the dark ages in hope that your god will come someday and help you be a man but he will not be looking to have you by his side. (don't talk about my needs to become a man when you are apt to stand clueless and overtaken with awe in the presence of a naked man) stop the violins is more for you alone than anyone else, i added a link to your website just so hundreds of pro-gay and women can laugh at you. (go on and pat yourself on the head a little bit more)


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