i started a 'homosexual criticism' chat room one day and got this one long im
hello--i am sure u are in this room simply to gain attention (go on and dismiss me with a sissy roll of your eyes) --usually i pass your kind along and feel pity for you ignorance. (gays label everything that goes against their blessed pleasure principles as either 'hate' (waaaah!) or 'ignorance,' it's their sole way to save face when their facades of pride have been violated) --it is people like you who cause so much hurt and anger in people life (it's fickle people like you who are so easily shaken and stirred by opposing opinions and the notion that the entire human race does not support you in your quest for masculine legitimacy) --i beg u to get help (i beg you to stop thinking that you are flawless and that your opposers are always the ones with the problems) and try to find out why you and so many other 's like you are so homophopic (nobody is scared of gays, 'homophobia' is gay agenda's manipulation for society to know those who don't support gays' insufficiencies as 'scared' or 'weak') --we are sane and caring people (i never said you weren't, i never said gays were anything but masculine and feminine insufficiencies. ok, so you don't care about being all the man you need, that doesn't make you 'uncaring' to the outside world at least) who have learned to deal with the bigotry and ingnorance such as yours (oh yeah, opposers are also 'bigots,' hey i think siskel and ebert are bigots because they were prejudiced against the movie i wrote) --i hopeyou seekthe help you need (point the finger, you gays are all the same) --have a great day (this is why gays are bloated, all 'hate-mail' writers close their letters in this way - this is why they're clueless to what they mean, proof of their dishonesty) back

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