found your site through a dave matthews file i was downloading off of napster. your web address was attached to it (isn't that a creative and far-reaching way of marketing?!), and having nothing better to do, i looked at it. (why don't you do a more transparent job of camouflaging your interest...or camouflaging the fact that you don't know what the heck to do with yourself without some kind of companionship or some kind of regiment?) what i got from it was an egotistical look at god, music, and movies. (i guess you can call me egotistical since i am slapping your god in the face, like your kind slaps god himself in the face along with tradition and that which is tried-and-true. i guess the world would call me egotistical, since i am a christian and i am sharing my views like i think i have as much right to share them as the office managers who instruct their bands not to play traditional 'silent night' type christmas carols at their holiday office parties, or as the majority of public schools that don't allow anybody to say 'merry christmas' but 'happy holidays,' etc) first of all, do you sit around and jerk off while thinking of your dick in your own ass? (no, as i've posted on this site, i haven't felt the need to jerk off in a long time. i only think of putting my dick in my own ass, simply because wow can you imagine the studs who'd give their left nut to suck my dick if it was long enough to go up my ass?!) secondly, you shouldn't bring god into anything involving your site. this is fucking pathetic. (you shouldn't bring god into anything involving your life, not until you stop picking and choosing the parts of his word that you acknowledge) deal with it! `you're the fag! (deal with me, you're the whiner) i'm wasting my time just writing this. you're not worth it. (obviously...i mean, when i am writing letters of opposition to my opposers, i think the exact same thing. except most people wouldn't follow through with anything after realizing that it's not worth following through with...and if they truly felt that writing me a letter of opposition was a waste of time, they'd kick themselves and stop writing before they could tell me that writing me a letter of opposition is a waste of time! they wouldn't even send it, for that matter! hint, hint)

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