from the demeaning language, the accusational assumptions, and the mention of, i am reminded of the letter i sent back in 1998 to the fred phelps clan which told of my anti-gay screenplay. the response was just as demeaning, just as accusational and just as assuming as this letter. and just as negative.

you're still the weak, frightened boy (accusation #1) you were when you turned to homosexuality to find meaning in your life (assumption #1). right now your crutch is the bible (psychiatric analysis based only on the limited portions of this website that discuss the biblical errs of homosexuality #1), and when you become disenchanted with that you'll move on to a new vice (soothsayer's pose #1). perhaps something along the lines of white supremacy. (insecure soothsayer's pose #1)

if you're interested, here's a site that's as amusing as yours: (i get it. because my site is as amusing as you wish your site was, you have to give me all these insults to demean the superior gay basher)


check out my site, , unless you're there now