blatant ignorance is nothing to take pride in. (and lust is? wool isn't either, be it given by a college degree or not) a self-proclaimed 'scholor' wrote me, trying to do her best to disprove the legitimacy of the bible simply because it has been rewritten many many times over the centuries. gays' way to save face, they'll do anything to shield their eyes from truth. the bible is an anti-gay book no matter what gays do or how they try to morph it, but even if there was no mention of homosexuality in it at all i'd still know that god is anti-gay...because homosexuality is not necessary. homosexuality is done for thrills, be that between two sex addicts or two 'lovers' who do not know what love is simply because they are not true to their state-of-gender and feel a burning desire to lose themselves in a masculine or feminine replacement. homosexuality is only lust, be it donned in a feeling of 'love' or not, while heterosexuality is the only necessary sexuality.

then she says that any modern psychologist will say that "sexual orientation" is a part of who one is. like moden psychologists aren't as tainted by satan's intentions as the rest of the modern world is. fact remains, there is somewhat a mystery about the genders we get naked with and treat as a discovery zone. the only thing that can provide knowledge of one gender or curiosity of another, is experience or lack of. you can pull the wool all you want and regard sexual orientation as an unexplainable taboo, but the fact remains - taking a line from my screenplay - "opposites attract, opposites is what you feel inside about yourself, it's not strictly male or female on the outside". back

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